Are you a Backpacker or a Flash packer? Do you know the difference? Perhaps we should start there. A Backpacker travels independently, with just a backpack that consists of only the essentials of the trip; to ease movement from one destination to another.

As a backpacker, you don’t stay at a single place but explore as many destinations as possible within the period you have set for the itinerary. Most importantly, backpackers travel within a limited budget, making this type of vacation very prevalent among the youth and students; seeking distinctive experiences away from mass tourism.

On the other hand, a Flash packer travels independently but in a luxurious fashion. Flash packers can spend an entire stash of bucks treating themselves with lavish goodies, highly rated accommodation and other sophisticated services. Flash packing is simply a revised form of backpacking and is popular among high income earners, executives and retirees enjoying their hard earned retirement benefits.

Mozambique is absolutely an African country in both backpackers’ and flashpackers’ travel bucket list. Both thrifty and posh accommodation is available in the Southern African country whose stretch of the Indian Ocean coastline is strewn with sandy beaches and dazzling crystal clear turquoise waters hovering over them. Looking to backpack or flash pack this vibrant country and unravel its enigmatic attractions? Here is a list of places that will generously reward your adventurous inner self.  

Popular for amazing backpacking memories, Maputo is one place you will want to experience when in Mozambique. As it is common with wild backpackers, the crowded mini-buses on rough roads will not scare you off but rather give you a completely new idea of transportation than you may be “accustomed to”. Though there is not much to see in Maputo, interacting with the ever friendly and hospitable locals remind you of the call for humanity. You probably will be lucky enough to get a host who will welcome you to spend a night or two in their homes for free. If not, there is plenty of budget accommodation including Catembe Beach Lodge for as low as $16 per night. For the flash packers, Polana Serena Hotel is the deal for $270 per night.


Tofo should not be left out at any given time of your backpacking or flashpacking travel plan. Though enchantingly underdeveloped, this golden-white sandy beach is a Shangri-La with stunning offshore corals. If you are a snorkeling and /or a scuba diving fanatic, head here and swim with the dolphins. Take time to reflect while having a morning stroll along the beach, as the striking sun rays announce the beginning of a brand new day with new adventures. And how best to bid an exploratory day than enjoying a beer under the beautiful sunset as the vibrant ocean waves cool off your face? For only $29, the backpackers can have a restful night at the Casa Tofinho, while Casa Algodoal will offer the perfect getaway for the flash packers for $202 per night.


Navigate the Islands

For a piratic escapade, Mozambique is full of splendid archipelagos where you can opt to vanish to. With a boat and a sailor (you can be your own captain if you are an expert), brace the waters as you sail off to the different islands fitting your budget. Flash pack like a king at the Azura Quilalea Private Island in Quirimbas Island for $1,125 per night and interact with the rich variety of both land and marine life at Quirimbas National Park. For the backpackers, Ibo Island would be the way to go. This hypnotizing islet will take you all the way to the ancient epochs with its architecture and quiet streets. Take a tour of the island to learn its rich historical culture and heritage and lodge at any of the affordable lodges available around the area.  


Josephine Wawira writes for Jovago







Tofo Beach

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