Have you ever sent a voice note to the wrong person?

Have you ever accidentally sent a voice note to the wrong person, or sent a personal message to a group chat when it was actually meant for a loved one?

A few months ago, a local mom sent a naked photo of herself to a Grade 4 Maths WhatsApp group chat.

So what can you do if you’ve sent a message to the wrong person or chat?

In November 2017 WhatsApp revealed a much-demanded feature – a function that basically allows users to ‘unsend’ their messages.

With more than 1 billion users worldwide WhatsApp needs to at all times be at the forefront of any new tech developments. And since Facebook bought the app for a hefty R256 billion, that hasn’t been a problem.

The “Delete for everyone” function will remove any message you send from not only your own phone but also remove the message from the recipients’ chat – as long as the message is deleted within seven minutes, according to Gadgets360.

You can even also delete photos, GIFs and videos, but if you miss that seven -minute cut-off, you’ve missed your chance.

Even if the person has seen the message, if you delete it within seven minutes it will still be removed from their phone completely, Independent reports.

How to use the new function:

– Make sure that you have the latest version of WhatsApp

– The recipient also needs to have the latest version of the app for the function to work.

– Tap on the message you want to delete.

– Tap on the “Delete” option at the top (or bottom) of the screen.

– The “Delete for everyone” option will now appear. Tap it fast!

Sources: Gadgets360, Independent, WhatsApp

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