MINNEAPOLIS-(MaraviPost)-In of the many peaceful riots which has turned violent somehow in almost all the major cities and streets of the United States due to the death of George Floyd, a black American who was allegedly killed by a police officer.

Most government and private institutions have been torched by some angry protesters who were angered with the way George Floyd was brutally murdered.

One of such institution is the CNN which was attacked on Friday evening.

It was an emotional outcome as a whole police department knelt down to apologize to the protesters how sorry they were for the death of George Floyd. 

The protesters also joined in the emotional moments and the atmosphere was filled it tears. 

CNN was attacked by some angry mob carrying placards with many descriptions like “I can’t breathe”, “Stop killing Blacks”, and “Black lives matter”. It was indeed a Black 25th May as Floyd was killed by some white cops while screaming “I can’t breathe” while being pressed down.

The death of Floyd has triggered a nationwide protest amid Covid-19.

Americans have practically forgotten about the social distancing of a thing and have taken to the streets to display their anger on almost all police units in the USA.

One of such is the Miami police who have shown a great deal of professionalism, empathy and remorse about the death of Floyd.

When Protesters came to attack them due to Floyd murder, they all went down on their knees for forgiveness while crying.

The rioters joined them to kneel and cry too, something which melted so many hearts including mine. Below are the photos.

Not many police in the world can behave in such exemplary way and the Miami police department have won the hearts of many people by their humility.

They have shown how truly sorry they are for the death of George Floyd. Not many police departments in the world can do this.

Protesters are always dispersed with tear gas and cannisters but this people won the hearts of protesters by love and humility. 

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