US Senate adjourns without approving spending bill, ensuring government shutdown
After moving forward to consider the House-approved funding bill with $5.7 billion for a US-Mexico border wall, the Senate has adjourned for the night without voting, meaning a partial government shutdown will begin at midnight.

Vice-President Mike Pence earlier broke the tie in a procedural vote to keep discussing the spending bill.

The floor had stayed open for over five hours, as senators rushed back to Washington, DC to voice their opinion on the measure passed in the House of Representatives the day before, allocating $5.7 billion to fund the border wall.

According to, it was reportedly the longest floor vote in modern Senate history.

Democrats remain opposed to providing any funding for Trump’s wall proposal, now or ever.

“The wall does not have 60 votes, let alone 50 votes,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-New York) said on the floor after the vote.

At midnight Eastern time on Saturday, the Congress-approved funding for about a quarter of US government functions runs out, leaving approximately 800,000 federal workers in the lurch on the weekend before the Christmas holiday.

The continuing resolution would require the approval of 60 senators, and the Republicans currently hold 51 seats.

Democrat and Republican leadership did agree, however, that the next roll call would be on the actual spending bill, rather than another procedural vote.

The House of Representatives adjourned at 7pm local time on Friday and is also scheduled to reconvene on Saturday.

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