By Kamudoli Mudoli

There is one thing that people in opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) won’t tell you. They know it but would chose not to tell you.

The Kondwani Nankhumwa (KN) project is an Arthur Peter Mutharika (APM) project, masterminded by APM and modeled by APM himself

From 2014, after DPP came back into power, Mutharika trusted the Mulanje central Parliamentarian with a position in his cabinet as Minister of Information and Tourism.

Mutharika made him the official government’s spokesperson. He was the man to face the public on behalf of the Mutharika administration. He was the face of government, to stand by it, and defend everything about it and was he rated highly by the public and other stakeholders as a star performer.

Throughout Mutharika’s term, Nankhumwa survived all cabinet reshuffles and was given key positions. He was once Minister of Local Government and Rural Development before given the Agriculture Ministry when others were shown the exit, but not Nankhumwa. Mutharika, wouldn’t let the young-man go, he still needed KN around him.

What did Mutharika see in KN? A young man from Mulanje who was only making his second term as a lawmaker, to earn APM’s trust in his maiden term as President? There was something behind all these appointments that Mutharika saw in Nankhumwa. This I would tell, with KN, Mutharika was up to something good.

The KN project continued. After the fall of George Chaponda in 2017, Mutharika named Nankhumwa as Leader of Government Business in Parliament. He was man in the house to speak for government amid the hostility from opposition. He faced Leader of Opposition Lazarus Chakwera then, and matched him pound by pound, mile by mile, even far much better that government business was transacted with so much ease. The question still remains; what did Mutharika see in Nankhumwa?

KN’s track record in politics speaks for itself. He is such a hard worker who has been a servant for the people and a dedicated member of the DPP to have earned all the trust from former President Mutharika.

In 2018, Nankhumwa became DPP Vice President for the South after flooring Dr George Chaponda with countless votes at the DPP’s convention. This is how much people in DPP rate Nankhumwa.

Nankhumwa’s political journey tells us one thing; The trust he got from APM, the vote of confidence from his constituents, the vote of approval from within DPP, from his rising and all the seals of approval along his way.

All, we can see are blessings from the hand of APM, and to speculate that this was an APM’s succession plan, will simply be doing justice to our line of thinking.

KN has always been APM’s blue eyed boy, no wonder APM is always seen to be forced by some few greedy individuals to dislike him, his own boy. On the other hand, Nankhumwa has said it again and again that he doesn’t hold any grudge against APM. True to that, KN has never uttered a word that degrades the former President, not even in his conduct.

But then, what went wrong?

The DPP infighting is not the making of KN. The mess is coming from few individuals that thought were the rightful heirs to the DPP’s kingship and saw their ambitions crumble right in their face while KN kept on rising.

Just like Joseph in the bible, they never loved to see a young-man from Mulanje central being liked by APM and given all those responsibilities. They sniffed the KN project and vowed to frustrate it.

They started creating stories that KN was behind their downfall. They recruited other “haters” to stay and put put spanners in KN’s lane. They took advantage of APM and captured him and the DPP system. They launched a war against KN. They planned and plotted to get rid of him, but KN keeps on surviving.

They went to an extent of bringing people in the party and christened them “the chosen ones” so they could frustrate KN.

They are riding behind the back of APM so they could become leaders. They want to be given power on a silver platter, and don’t like seeing a young-man who has worked so hard for himself and the party to becoming what he is today, edging closer to the DPP’s presidency. They want to dent his public face and are now questioning his loyalty after all these years.

KN is not fighting anyone. He only declared his interests to becoming the next DPP president and is working towards achieving that. If anything, let others work as well on a leveled playing field but not ride behind APM’s back.

If there are people that are killing the party, then these are the ones, not KN. All the stories about him working for Malawi Congress Party (MCP) or UTM, are just unfounded and baseless, some stunts where they want to make their stories sound real.

How would somebody who says wants to lead DPP and rule Malawi sell what everything he stands for? Everything he has fought for? For what? KN wants to become DPP president and lead DPP to the polls in 2025 if he wins at the convention, and to think that he would betray DPP as big as it is, after all his hard work, makes me laugh. Not KN Ladies and Gentlemen, not him.

DPP is forming the next government and not even KN would want to trash all this and bundle the party within MCP or UTM’s fold, who would throw away such an opportunity of becoming the next president?

As to who is fighting who in DPP? KN is the one being fought. As to who is fighting him, just wait for some more press statements from the DPP and you shall see who is fighting KN and you will get all the answers as to why they are fighting him.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are those of the author not necessarily of The Maravi Post or Editor.

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