PROPHETS in the Bible lived isolated lives and only appeared when God sent them with a specific message. They were said to be lonely individuals and, although they were among men, they preferred to be alone. At times, when in need of company, prophets fellowship with others. But this comes at a cost. I once read a story of how a prophet from Nigeria was invited to a party and instead of enjoying with others, it turned out to be a deliverance session.

Because prophets are misunderstood and lonely creatures, they never do anything to seek attention, but any move they make is so loud that those around them think they are doing it to show off. When prophets release prophecies that foretell a nation’s destiny, they are attacked and it’s rare for them to speak out such issues without using imagery. At times people assume prophets release videos of past prophecies because they want to draw attention, but if they had a choice, they would be remain quiet. A prophet never desires attention and mostly lives in solitude seeking the face of God.

Samuel was a prophet who anointed the first two kings of Israel and even told his mentor how judgement would come upon him. God wanted to tell Samuel of the coming judgement upon Eli’s house, but God had to use Eli’s voice and Eli to help Samuel understand this judgement. The judgement would have come even if Samuel did not tell Eli, but Samuel would never have learnt to listen to the voice of God.

Imagine how taxing it was for Samuel to release such a word. Telling a man who had raised him and groomed him about the judgement of God over his family. When God shows prophets forthcoming situations, at most they pray and seek the face of God to shift and change His will. The Lord instructs them that they should warn the people or else their blood would be on their hands. But even though they do all this, people assume it’s a show to gain popularity and receive more likes on social media. Samuel was shown the judgement of his teacher, this was the first prophetic word he was to deliver. If he had an option, he would have remained quiet, but he had to speak out to warn him so that at least Eli would come to repentance.

Our leaders need to learn and discern God’s voice and seek understanding on how to avoid the unrest prophesied by aligning themselves to God’s will. Jonah through his prophecies saved a whole nation from judgement because its leaders repented.

We have a people that mock prophets yet they have seen evidence of manifestation of their words and we have others that interpret prophecy to suit themselves. As a nation the moment we appreciate those sent to help us and stop fighting men of God, we will see the deliverance of our land.

If you have not discovered God’s voice, don’t pass judgement on those that hear from Him. I am not saying let’s try and understand the misunderstood, but calling you to value words when someone speaks under the inspiration of God’s spirit.

God bless you.


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