The role of the youth is to serve as the light that empowers the world, especially with their intelligence and creativity.

Nigeria is a society where the future of the youth is not in any way secured, and to have great leaders who will pilot the affairs of the country will be extremely difficult owing to the bad precedence set by the existing catastrophic leadership.

Meanwhile, youth have been victims of a failed system for decades, their freedom and rights have always been denied by the old and visionless brigadiers, especially when they demand good governance.

Nigeria’s chaotic rulers who enjoyed free and quality education with free healthcare services during their youthful age in the 80s have consciously sabotaged and destroyed the system that made it possible for them to be in places of power.

Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State and his deputy are a set of irresponsible youth who allowed  power to intoxicate them. They carefully hid under the shadows of “youth” and then rode to power before metamorphosing into present-day Adolf Hitler.

Kogi is one of the poorest states in Nigeria with high rate of unemployment. Despite the enormous resources in the state, thousands of graduates are roaming the streets without jobs.

Those who strive to be self-employed find it difficult to excel because the environment and its policies do not encourage the idea of self-employment in a state where the government deliberately incapacitates its own people.

The self-styled “youth governor” who refused to pay 11 months of salaries and also refused to take several youth off the streets by providing them with jobs, suddenly found it so easy to mobilise hoodlums to beat up protesters who expressed their dissatisfaction over bad governance.

Nigeria is a crime scene, otherwise Yahaya Bello’s deputy Edward Onoja should have been in jail by now. Someone who was involved in a fraudulent act in 2008 as a former GTB manager in Lokoja. On this note, he was sacked by GTB after they discovered his fraudulent activities with the bank.

Same Onoja led some hoodlums to hijack ballot boxes during Lokoja and Kogi bye-elections. It shows clearly that people like Yahaya Bello and Edward Onoja should never be trusted with the state treasury.

All that they do is to use power to intimidate and arrest people who go against their fraudulent ideologies and behave as if Nigeria is still under military fiefdom. 

Governor Yahaya Bello is a disastrous, power-drunk man who seems intimidated by mere criticisms.

Yahaya Bello and his deputy sent hoodlums to  dehumanised Larry Emmanuel and Victor Anene Udoka  for protesting against bad government. They were sent to jail in Kabba without recourse to due process and even denied them access to their lawyers.

Very laughable and unfortunate that lawless people like Yahaya Bello are aspiring for 2023 presidential race. 

His ambition for president is an insult on the Nigerian people for a governor presiding over one of the most underdeveloped states in Nigeria – such a poorly governed state! Everywhere in Kogi State looks like a countryside except the Government House where Yahaya Bello resides. 

More curious is the fact that the same people he deliberately incapacitated by making them useless to the society, are the same people praising him because of the tiny crumbs falling off his table.
People like Yahaya Bello and Edward Onoja are a major threat to Nigeria’s democracy – present-day Idi Amins of Nigeria.

 It is a fact that with this kind of people at the helm of affairs, Kogi’s treasury will inevitably be ravaged, violently too for that matter. 

Yahaya Bello and Onoja should know that when the sun rises at dawn, it must set at dusk. Nothing lasts forever. Those of yesterday are now today’s history.

Source saharareporters

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