Christine Mboma

Everybody loves sports, that much is certain. Because of the wide range of sports that are available, people can be assured that there is a sport for them to either watch or get involved in. However, for some people, their love of sports goes beyond just watching or playing it casually. For them, no other source of entertainment brings as much joy as participating in their chosen sport. This would even likely include playing casino games online at sites like or perhaps watching movies and TV shows. This is what makes an athlete – a person who dedicates their life to being the best that they can be in their chosen proficiency.

Naturally, these are inspiring people and have proven to be great role models for people to look up to, something that applies to both children and adults. It is no wonder why there are so many sports films that are loved by many – one must only look at films like Rocky to get an idea of how awe-inspiring some sports and some personalities can be. Given this, it only makes sense why the BBC has awards for athletes who have made the biggest impact every year. Those who have been following along with the latest sports news will know that Christine Mboma, a sprinter, won BBC’s African Sports Personality of the Year (for 2021) after taking home a silver Olympic medal in the 200m final in Tokyo.

On the surface, this is a story that would normally be seen as anything other than exceptional. Of course, this isn’t to say that winning a silver medal in the Olympics isn’t exceptional, but what makes this case even more interesting is that Mboma is only 18 years old. To be able to compete against experienced and older professionals and come just short of beating all of them is something that is outstanding and it is the crux of what the award is all about. It also speaks volumes that Mboma is the first female winner in the award’s history, further breaking records.

Christine Mboma hails from Namibia, in Africa. Upon receiving her reward, she told BBC Sport Africa, “I feel great and really proud to be a Namibian”. Continuing, Mboma said, “I dedicate this BBC award to all Namibians. This is for all the hard work I have done”. When considering the kind of opposition that Mboma was up against too, this sentiment seems justified. Mboma managed to knock off other athletes in the running such as Eliud Kipchoge and Edouard Mendy, the latter of which won the Champions League last summer.

Once Mboma’s past is fully understood, the feat she has managed to accomplish becomes even more amazing. At the age of 13, her disabled mother dies during childbirth leaving Mboma to look after the rest of her family. It can be argued that it was this hardship that drove her to succeed even more. Given that she is now on the world stage, it can be said that her dreams have come true and her followers will be eager to see her in her next competition.

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