Dorica Black: happy with newspaper trading

By Thandie Chadzandiyani

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Every Saturday morning, Dorica Black stands at a corner by the Best Oil Filling station in Lilongwe City’s Area 49 suburb with a stack of the day’s Weekend Nation balanced on her head.

One-by-one she sells the papers to passers-by—in two hours or so she will have sold at least 25 copies, and on her way back home.

Dorica says she enjoys doing what she does, especially considering that this adds to the family’s earnings.

She ensures that does not miss her weekly sales routine because she knows that by doing so she is contributing towards the family’s livelihood.

This is a business through which she is contributing to the family budget, alongside three other family members who sell Weekend Nation papers to maximise profits.

Asked as to what she thinks could be done to improve the business, or her experience during sales, with a timid smile on her face she said she would appreciate having news display stand.

“At the moment, I have to display some papers in my hands while the rest are piled by the roadside. I believe a news stand can get me smarter,” says Dorica.

The business is owned by her father, Mr Patrick Black who also has a sales point his own in Area 49/Gulliver. Three other family members, including Dorica, man Weekend Nation selling points elsewhere in the city.

Dorica’s father, Black, has been selling newspapers for over 15 years now. However, his capital has gone down over time, yet he sits on a good market.

Because of this, he looks forward to a day he shall have his capital boosted, and be able to satisfy his customers while taking home a good fortune from the business.

Black added, “I have capacity to sell more than 110 newspapers in these selling points. It is, therefore, my appeal to Nation Publications Limited (NPL) to consider giving me the stock on credit so that I can pay after sales.”

Collins Dube NPL circulation sales manager said the company is happy to see hardworking newspaper vendors who are thinking outside the box, and putting in more effort towards making more sales.

Dube expressed happiness, especially from the fact that the newspaper business Mr Black is doing is making a difference to his family.

“Most people are not aware that newspaper business is more profitable than some of the businesses ventures they waste money and time on,” discloses Dube.

He also indicated that the requests made by Dorica, are achievable, NPL is also likely to introduce Black to other hot selling points for more business.

“We are going to make sure that we meet this family at the soonest possible opportunity and discuss their proposals. It is good to see a family that thrives on newspaper sales. I know that these are achievable request,” Dube said.

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