Airtel Marketing Director Frank Magombo

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The country’s leading smart phone network provider Airtel Malawi this week again excited its customers with another innovation, “My rate” or My Data rate”.

The innovation comes barely weeks after the company slashed out bundle data usage by 52% bringing down from MK31.50 to MK15 per MB.

“My data rate” is basically for browsing on the internet for remaining validity days of the bundle or until the customer buys another bundle.

For instance, the customer is using a 1GB volume bundle that is valid for a week (7 days) then its depleted within four days or essentially way before seven days is reached, unless the subscriber buys another bundle of the same, he or she is automatically switched to using the internet at the default “Pay-as-you-go or PAYG rate of MK15 per MB, instead of the MK2.44 tambala per MB rate that the 1GB volume data bundle offers.

Airtel Marketing Director Frank Magombo told the news conference in the capital Lilongwe that the innovation is a discount on top of a discount specifically targeted for company’s customers who buy data bundles.

“My Data Rate’ is a cushion we have placed for our data bundle customers who experience bill shock whenever their bundle run out before the validity period ends and starts consuming their airtime at the pay-as-you-go rate which is higher than the data bundle rate per MB.

“From now on, we are offering our customers the chance determine the data rate per MB that they will use for the internet simply based and according to the data bundle that they buy”, says Magombo.

He adds; ” But going forth, what I’m saying is that even in the event that your weekly 1GB volume data bundle  has run out for example 4 days before its 7 days validity is reached, your Pay-as-you-go or PAG rate will no longer be the default MK15 per MB.

“What we are saying is that from now on, your Pay-as-you-go rate will be the same as the MK2.44 tambala per MB of the 1 GB volume data that ran out. And  the customer will essentially use this rate aptly dubbed ‘My rate’ or ‘My Data rate’ for browising on the internet for the remaining validity days of the bundle or until the customer buys another data bundle”

Customers are required to dia *301# to buy any data bundle by later placing “auto-renewal” that once the bundle ends before validity time, subscriber be switched automatically.

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