Beza family
Beza family

For most men, particularly married men, the question of how to “please” and make your “wife” happy is probably one that keeps on running down the nerves of the brain now and again. The naughty behavior she will display, the swerving moods, and all unpleasant words you get from her makes you wonder “where did I go wrong?” No wonder women admit that they are the most complicated CREATURES and all men have to do is understand them that way.This is where I and my many men have a problem. Complicated + Understand = Ambiguous Case otherwise women would cease to be complicated if they can be understood. And by admitting that they are complicated, one wonders what they expect a man to do? Sit down and smile at every nonsense they make? Should a man be a nodding “Yes Mum” agent at every word she speaks? I have always wondered if this complication in women is also noted in themselves, and if it is, do they understand it as they would like men to understand it.

Here is what makes most women complicated:

Women are never wrong and they never make a mistake.

Sounds laughable and probably something every brain that is upright including that of women, would judge as FALSE just as you have just done. But read with me the lines of reality. How many of the wives around the world easily admit that they are wrong? Maybe 1 in 10 or something closer to fractions and decimal points. What most of the men get from their women is first battalion like defense, and if not careful, the game takes a u-turn and the man becomes guilty.

Women hardly take an excuse for a reasonable reason from men

Don’t ask me what I mean, just try forgetting her birthday because your head is preoccupied by other family developmental stuffs such as schools fees, building projects and probably bills. Try saying nothing 7 days before her day and explain your stand for the silence. If you are to get a genuine smile and an absolute “it’s ok Hun, I understand, we can stay home do the usual things on my birthday,” then you are indeed what she calls 1 in a million.

Women will forgive you when they are wrong.

I just don’t understand it either, but that’s what most men have experienced and that’s the reality. Whether it’s supposed to be this way or not, you be the judge. If you are wrong and you try to beg for forgiveness, a pardoning word will you hear, but be sure never to repeat it again, else face the wrath of the woman. She will dig up everything she once said “it’s ok, I have forgiven you” and you will wish for the unwished. But when she is wrong and you try to say “I am sorry” to make her smile, that folder will ever be deleted from her recycle bin, and never to be remembered again.

You can as well mention what you have relationships have schooled you about how complicated women are, but be assured; you have to work out the ambiguity and find the formulae for it. If there is no one within your reach, I have found one. The best thing you can do, is to love your wife. Love your partner. And just love her. Trying to understand her is a waste of time as you might probably never make it. Just do all you can and give TLC, as they call it. Tender Love and Care, and she is all yours, even though you will still ask yourself that question someday, “Where did I go wrong”


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