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10 Best Places to Visit in Russia

With Brexit still up in the air, finding a cheap holiday can be really challenging in our current day and age. For those with a limited budget, or for students who are looking to travel the world before life gets serious, finding a cheap holiday destination is incredibly important. Whilst this might rule out incredible places such as Las Vegas or Turks and Caicos, there are still some incredible destinations on earth just waiting for you! All you have to do is gather your things, fill out an application on and jump on that plane! But where to?


When travelling across Europe, it would be rude not to visit Hungary, and Budapest specifically. As the popularity of this country has risen in recent years, prices have been seen simultaneously rising too. But don’t let that fool you, as you’d be surprised how cheaply you can get a flight to Hungary from the UK. Not only can you find cheap flights, but the cuisine in Budapest will never leave you out of pocket. Take a traditional bowl of goulash for example – only £2.50 for the culturally authentic dish! When looking for a cheap place to stay in Hungary, always opt for the Pest side of the river. When you can have rooms for £10 and beers for £5, why wouldn’t you visit this stunning destination? Whether you want to hike in the northern hills or visit the tranquil spa at Széchenyi, you’ll never be breaking the bank here.


I think we can agree that when thinking of a holiday destination, Cambodia isn’t always the first place to spring to mind. However, perhaps you should adapt your way of thinking, as you can actually get beds as cheap as £2.50 in Cambodia! For those aiming to backpack across the country, or for someone looking for a holiday full of luxury, this is the perfect destination – yes, you read that right, luxury. Take the Siddharta Boutique Hotel for example, the interiors are truly glamorous, and you can hire a dreamy outside pool for a little as £50 a night. Plus, with so much historical heritage in the country, you’ll never run out of things to do.


If you’re looking for a more peaceful holiday destination, look no further than Malta. Not only will this magical place let you recharge from the stresses of life, but it will allow you do it for a cost-effective price! When flying to Malta, you can secure flights for as little as £15 each way, so you can’t deny the bargain-value of this destination. Plus, as currency exchange rates are never staying still at the moment, it can be difficult figuring out how to make your euros stretch. Well, you won’t struggle for money in Malta; with bus fares costing the equivalent of just £1.70 you can visit any landmarks that take your fancy! So, why not shuttle off to the gorgeous isle of Gozo without feeling guilty about spending almost all of your euros?


Russia is one of the rare countries in the world to not specifically belong to a continent, but that isn’t the only fascinating factor about it. In 2016, Moscow was announced as one of the cheapest destinations to get a flight for from the UK, so if that doesn’t grab your attention already I don’t know what will. The city of Moscow will honestly provide you with architecture and culture that you’ll never find anywhere else, so you’re guaranteed to be in awe for the entirety of your trip! We all know how ridiculously priced cocktails can be, but not in Russia! If visiting the Izia Grill, you can pick up some of your favourite cocktails for as little as £4!

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