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reputable travel agency that specialises in disability travel with Mobility Scooters

Thanks to new technologies, travelling with a disability is easier than ever. With careful planning, you can experience the holiday of a lifetime. From arranging your trip with a reputable travel agency that specialises in disability travel with Mobility Scooters, to researching available facilities in the area before you go, there’s no need to dread the thought of travelling with a disability. Here’s how you can make your next trip overseas even easier:

Plan Your Trip In Advance

One of the best ways to make travelling easier with a disability is to plan your trip well in advance. By planning your trip well in advance, you get the chance to get the help you need, order medications or prescriptions, and work out all of the help you might need for your trip away. This way, when the time comes to travel, you won’t have the mindless panic about getting your wheelchair fixed, finding an English-speaking pharmacy or even replacement glasses if something goes wrong when you’re abroad. Plus, when you plan your trip in advance, you can check out the facilities around your hotel and identify those that have wheelchair or mobility scooter access.

Book Travel With A Reputable Agency

Whilst you should always arrange travel with a reputable travel agency, it is even more important when travelling with a disability. Whilst it is not always possible, if you can book travel with an agency that specialises in catering those with disabilities we certainly suggest you go for it! This way, you can feel assured knowing you won’t arrive at the destination at a loose end. Agencies that specialise in helping people with disabilities will also be able to suggest the best hotel to stay in, attractions suitable for your needs and arrange travel insurance on your behalf.

Identify Local Health Associations Before You Go

To make travelling easier with a disability, you should identify the local health associations before you go. This way, you can be assured knowing where to go in an emergency if the worst was to happen abroad. Most importantly, make sure to take any relevant medical cards with you, as well as a photocopy of each stored safely in your luggage in case you need it. However, more often than not, your time abroad will be spent making memories with who you travel with, not sat in a medical room, but it is always best to plan for the worst.

Arrive Early

Another way to make travelling with a disability easier is to arrive early, whether it is at the airport or other mode of transport. Whilst you must be at the airport two hours prior to your flight, arriving earlier does no harm – and it gives you more time to shop til’ you drop! Arriving early will also help settle your nerves, improving your overall travel experience. If you’re a nervous flyer, we suggest taking a few deep breathes before you step on board, or seek special assistance from your chosen airline to ensure travel is as stress-free as possible.

Check Facilities For The Disabled

Before you arrange your annual holiday, we suggest checking the facilities for the disabled. This way, you can ensure your chosen destination is suitable for travel, and that you won’t be lost for activities to do throughout your stay. Nothing is worse than arriving at your destination only to find that the local beach is 30 minutes’ walk or drive away. To avoid disappointment, find out if your hotel offers disabled access, and if you plan to leave your hotel, what the area has to offer.

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