Ben Khuleya


CHIKWAWA-(MaraviPost)-Reckless driving by men on campaign trail of Chikwawa-Nkombedzi Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has sent to an early grave boy an innocent boy aged 12.


The convoy is for DPP Shadow lawmaker Ben Khuleya.

Eye witnesses explained that, the boy who was hit by the killer convoy in Mphedza Village was abandoned on the road as upon realizing that they had hit the boy, Khuleya quickly instructed the drivers to speed off.


The incident happened at around 7 o’clock in the evening as the aspiring Parliamentary Candidate was returning from Mphungu ground where he conducted a football bonanza.


“We saw Khuleya’s convoy being driven in zig zag way as if it was a wedding and suddenly, a boy who at the time, was standing on the road side watching the spectacular was hit,” recounted the eye witness.


The eye witness is the one who has aided the law-enforcers to identify the particular vehicle which hit the boy to death.


When contracted over the accident, Police Public Relations Officer for Chikwawa district, Foster Benjamin did ask for more time, so that he could get clear details.


Police in Ngabu who followed up the incident have since arrested the driver of the particular truck on top of detaining the 3 tonnes truck.


Conclusive details indicate that the truck belongs to former magistrate and retired officer from Ngabu, Cedrick Chidikha.


The retired magistrate had offered his truck to Khuleya so that it would be included on the convoy.