Controversial Prophet showing off how paradise looks like

Controversial South African Pastor Daniel Lesego was at it again and this time showing congregants how paradise looks like.

Lesego, who is sometimes called the grass pastor or the snake pastor for doing funny stuff during his services, is always in the media for his controversial approach to Christianity.

At some point, he was preaching while holding a snake on the pulpit, the suit that he was wearing was matching the colours of the skin of that snake.

He also has a spiritual son, Paniel Mnguni, who was giving people snakes to eat and the people would say it did not taste like a snake at all.

“It is actually nice,” they said when asked.

“Wherever they have taken those powers from, or wherever they have learned to do the things that they are doing, whoever trained them could be a professional witch,” a staunch Christian is quoted as saying in Zambian Observer.

He added: “This time around he’s showing his congregants how paradise look like, how heaven actually looks like, but everybody knows that some of these pastors do this to attract attention. They are very innovative on bringing controversy to the people. They are very innovative on destroying the integrity of the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

“That is what ignorance can do, just like a Chimpanzee picked from the bush and brought to Mandevu, to the Chimpazee that is paradise,” another social media user commented.  

In Africa, the word of God has become a lucrative business with many ‘crooked’ individuals joining the industry.

In Malawi for instance, a Southern African country, there are over five men of God who swimming in affluency courtesy of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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