One of the biggest industries hit by the health crisis over the past two years has been within travel as airlines have had to ground flights and run at a reduced capacity, it has led to the hospitality industry as a whole facing future struggles for a long time to come and holiday destinations reliant on tourism suffering too – even business that had been finding success in brick-and-mortar locations have had to adapt with the rise of contactless and accessible apps like sporting events adopting information about sports interaction app for betting and the like too – but there are suggestions that business travel could see a boom once things return to normal.

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Currently, business trips seem to be at an all time low, and this has been backed up by predictions from some market leaders including Bill Gates who had suggested early on that business travel could see as much as a 50% hit because of the health crisis, but raw data is now also supporting this as Google’s travel data from a little earlier this year has also managed to show a significant drop – it isn’t surprising right now, of course there are health and safety concerns that have to be considered but there’s also the substantial cost of making business trips happen, the cost of flights and accommodation and the ever increasing price of testing too, but this may not be the whole picture as there are suggestions that once things settle down once again, business travel could see a boom.

Despite younger workers finding the huge value in remote business through virtual calls and meetings, the human element still remains and there’s a huge desire for face-to-face meetings still to exist, as well as those in business that prefer to be hands on and may require these business trips to ensure that other aspects of their business, particularly post pandemic, are running smoothly and to spec. Suggestions like these lead some experts to believe that post-pandemic business travel could see a sharp increase once it is safe to do so, and remain high for quite some time despite the wider spread shift to virtual alternatives that have been seen.

Either way, the growth  certainly isn’t coming any time soon particularly in the wake of the rapidly emerging new variant, but there is still some light at the end of the tunnel, eventually. There’s a huge market that still greatly values the addition that these corporate trips offer, and it’s almost certain that they’re not gone for good.

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