By Malawi News Agency

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has reiterated its determination to sweep all the parliamentary seats in Mangochi and the entire eastern region at the May 21, 2019 general elections, given the quality of politicians the party has taken on board.

DPP Secretary General, Griezeldar Jeffrey made the declaration on Wednesday at Nabale Trading Centre in Mangochi when the party officially welcomed Mangochi Monkey-Bay Member of Parliament, Ralph Jooma into its fold.

Jeffrey said with Jooma on board, his political influence coupled with the other DPP political heavy weights in the region would form a very strong team that would be hard to beat in May 2019.

“Ralph Jooma is not just another politician; he is intelligent and when he stands up in parliament, the whole august House shakes with his informed contributions,” Jeffrey said, adding: “He’s development conscious and well-disciplined because every time we approached him to come back to the DPP, he always said he would do that when his people asked him to.”

She said the party was very glad to have Jooma and all his 287 party structures back into the DPP camp, adding that the development meant the party was getting even stronger in the East.

Jeffrey, however, urged DPP members in the region to maintain the party’s open-door policy to avoid divisions within the party.

“Remain united as DPP and don’t be swayed by other disgruntled and frustrated people who think they can beat the DPP – they can’t and we are going to rule again come 2019,” Jeffrey challenged.

Speaking earlier, Group Village Headman (GVH) Chiwalo thanked DPP and its leadership for developing Mangochi Monkey-Bay in several ways, including the construction of the Mangochi-Monkey Bay-Mtakataka Road.

GVH Chiwalo concurred with Jeffrey, describing Jooma as development conscious, noting that his return to DPP was a welcome move to all the chiefs in the constituency.

“All the chiefs in this constituency are very thankful to Professor Peter Mutharika for all the development programs being implemented in our district and for keeping to his word that no-one will die of hunger as long as he is the president of this country,” said Chiwalo.

“To show our gratitude to the president and the party, we have a gift for the president and the DPP, that gift is our son, Ralph Jooma,” he pledged.

In his remarks, Jooma who is also National Director of Economic Affairs for the DPP said he and all his constituents were happy to ‘return home from the wilderness,’ saying: “I have always been a DPP member since 2009; I was the only MP to win in the elections on a DPP ticket from the Eastern region.”

Other speakers at the rally included, DPP Regional Governor for the East, Julius Paipi, Ntcheu West MP and DPP National Executive Committee member, Rev. Mwai Kamuyambeni, Zomba Central MP, Patricia Nangozo Kainga, Balaka South MP Frank Mapondo and Mangochi Central Shadow MP, Victoria Kingston.

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