.…………Our findings and research activities in a kaleidoscope form indicate that Office World Limited ran and managed by Shaukat and Ifan Tayub, Crossroads and Shanti Limited owned by Sameer Sacranie and his sons, Sana owned by Azer Chaudry and his brother, MANOBEC owned by Abdula Waheed Kassam and his sons, AS Investments owned by Ataf Sattar, Globe Limited and CP Feeds owned by Nazam Kasiman, Sealand investment Limited owned by Dipak Jevant, Kukoma Limited owned by Zamir Karim, Mustaki Chotia/Ishmael Suleman Khadibar, Haji Muhamed Diab of Hyata Properties, Farook Gani of Victoria Hotel, Nul Muhamed of H Adam Wholesalers in Zomba, Faizal Latif of Mapeto David Whitehead and Faizal Aboo of Pacific Limited as being Asians of Malawi origin who have taken advantage of the status quo to defraud and hoodwink Malawians.

Chakwera and his Asian Friend (from right)

By investigationfeed@consultant.com


Matters related to corruption and official corruption are on daily basis being discussed and attributed to poor state of affairs economically. The situation on the ground has never been rosy from May 17, 1994 when Mr. Bakili Muluzi became the State President.

The understanding then was premised on the fact that his United Democratic Front (UDF) had survived and succeeded on Alms from the Asian community. This included both the Moslems and Hindus who championed multiparty democracy underground as one way of averting another victory for Dr. Banda who was perceived and seen as a hard nut to crack and always sang the song of anti-Asian, and the removing of Asian entrepreneurs from the rural areas of 1973 as an example.

Most Asians though second generation or third generation still maintained their British passports for fear of being openly victimised and have their goods or valuable confiscated under the stinking forfeiture act. This thinking is what precipitated Muluzi and his UDF as the political movement of choice.

Muluzi took advantage of his religion as a Moslem to create synergies with the Asian community and his business background added colour to this approach. What happened after his victory was a story of allowing Asians and any other race other than indigenous Malawians to flock into the Rural areas.

With this message the narrative was simple, the draconian rules which government business participation at the then
defunct Central Tender Board was now history.

Other than this the African Businessmen association (ABA) became powerless since the bulk of its membership was closely associated with the defeated Malawi Congress Party.

Within months’ business deals were sorted out at Sanjika Palace or Zomba State House and even at Ntanja trading in Limbe. All this was courtesy of Bakili Muluzi and the tendering process was a mere charade and the masters voice
reigned supreme.

Stories of the Tayubs, Jakhura, Nathani, Patel and Kalaria became centre of folktale and gossip. Field York became a good example of how crooked the system had become and how corruption became an open activity. The splashing of money in a father Christmas style by Muluzi was a joke that everyone laughed at while crying for mother Malawi.

To fast track this whole bad story, the privatisation commission saw how the then Malawi Book Service, Malawi Milk marketing board, and many public enterprises like rest houses belonging to the district assembly all landed in the hands of Malawians of Asian origin.

Muluzi openly boasted that the Asians were his brothers and they worship together as such it was time to share the cake. Because of excitement and the fact that the political pendulum had swung on UDF side the public cared less on these mal administration practices and the promotion of official corruption.

Muluzi supported by Brown Mpinganjira, Rev. Dr. Dumbo Lemani, Patrick Mbewe, Harry Ian Thompson, Charles Kahumbe, Edward Bwanali, Alhaji Shaibu Itimu, Peter Fatch, Weham Nakanga, Eda Chitalo, Maurice Kachimbwinda, Davis Kapito, Paul Maulidi, Yusuf Mwawa, Rashid Nembo, and many political activists now forgotten due to age, death, or other circumstances were behind the corrupt system that has now evolved into a capturing net of some kind.

In their present day and age corruption both at official level and private enterprise level is now highly institutionalised. A gang of Asians and Chinese masquerading as business persons has now found its way in dark corners flashing wads of kwachas to blood thirst government officials and politicians.

All these is courtesy of Bakili Muluzi who became famous of his generosity. Other quarters looked at him as the mode
from the rich and gave it to the poor but in this instance he was stealing from his own government his propensity to get closer to the common man through a dangling carrot was short lived because his third team bid and subsequent manoeuvring to doctor the Republican constitution hit a blank wall.

It was at this juncture that he applied last minute tactics of bringing closer and in Late Dr. Bingu Wa Mutharika. Late Mutharika without shame inherited the evil system and embraced the same corrupt and crooked Asian community alongside the Chinese and Arabs into the social economic fabric of Malawi.

The new president played double standards and during his tenure only 2 cases were prosecuted that hinged on corruption: – Sam Mpasu Field York case and Dr. Sam Dumba Safuli PS Education case. One Asian became a victim in the name of Shakili Kassiman of Universal Cars a subsidiary of the Globe group of companies. Other than this it was mere political rhetoric and narration at its best. Corruption was referred to UDF and Bakili Muluzi in particular.

Upon the sad death of Bingu Wa Mutharika constitutionally Joyce Banda took over and openly promoted corruption and evil deeds. All Asians turned to her in a pure musical chairs style and it was just continuation of the scramble of State coffers. In that time, she never mentioned corruption in all her 250 public meetings and at times she would say people should takataka in street language takataka means nefarious underhand activities or just boot leg deals.

As a female Robin hood she adopted the similar tend of her mentor Bakili Muluzi and would be seen giving a whole village 2 chickens and 1 cow to share.

This created a stampede because a whole cow would be physical attacked by 100 villagers trying to get a part for lunch or dinner. This immaturity and wayward thinking gave a number of Malawians of Asian origin the
opportunity to jump on tenders and contracts from all the Ministries Departments and Agencies (MDAs).

Joyce Banda used the gender aspect as an excuse or a cover up to defraud Malawians and up to date once reminded of her evil past she always uses the gender card as an excuse.

Exit Joyce Banda after 2 years enter one Peter Arthur Mutharika. This was a season of plentyfor the Asian community since they were privy to his bank account and the Zameer Karim incident of the police rations is a good example.

A whole president being entangled in a corruption case after they were clear deposits of money amounting to 145 Million Kwacha into his account where he was a sole signatory.

Peter Mutharika as expected he was never remorseful nor apologetic of such an overt criminal activity and kept referring to himself as an orphan. The orphan card and his old age still remains the first line of defence and in the process he claims that he never knew his TPN certificate was being used by Lilongwe based businessman Mr. Choonara to import cement worth billions of Kwachas under his duty free status.

In the present day that Anti-corruption bureau has failed to interview him and he is always feigning ignorance of what happened. He has used several excuses like a toothache, destima, bruises and contusions after sunburns as an excuse. But the most hilarious card is a tribal one which he pronounced at the recent Mulhakho Wa Alomwe cultural function.

In the meantime, his personal security aid Norman Paulosi Chisale Hiwa is in court answering to the same. His former chief of staff Peter Mukhito is also a culprit of the same crime but he still does not want to accept responsibility as an orphan and a sick man.

As for the former deputy commission general of MRA Roza Mbilizi the case is in progress and the courts has maintained its stance that there is a prima face on the case. Looking at the trend of the current prosecution and allied activities it is clear that Malawians of Asian origins have always been spared of such litigations.

Our findings and research activities in a kaleidoscope form indicate that Office World Limited ran and managed by Shaukat and Ifan Tayub, Crossroads and Shanti Limited owned by Sameer Sacranie and his sons, Sana owned by Azer Chaudry and his brother, MANOBEC owned by Abdula Waheed Kassam and his sons, AS Investments owned by Ataf Sattar, Globe Limited and CP Feeds owned by Nazam Kasiman, Sealand investment Limited owned by Dipak Jevant, Kukoma Limited owned by Zamir Karim, Mustaki Chotia/Ishmael Suleman Khadibar, Haji Muhamed Diab of Hyata Properties, Farook Gani of Victoria Hotel, Nul Muhamed of H Adam Wholesalers in Zomba, Faizal Latif of Mapeto David Whitehead and Faizal Aboo of Pacific Limited as being Asians of Malawi origin who have taken advantage of the status quo to defraud and hoodwink Malawians.

The above mentioned persons and their respective companies have all got piles of files at the Anti-Corruption Bureau, Fiscal Police, Financial Intelligence Authority, Malawi Revenue Authority, Department of Lands, City Assemblies, Police Headquarters, National Intelligence Service and all courts of Law. These persons are surviving through underhand activities plus palm oiling of government officials.

Every day they have to palm grease these officials so that their freedom is preserved and sustained. In an ideal situation these people are supposed to be answering crimes bordering on fraud, corruption, money laundering and racketeering.

Some of these like Waheed Kasam of MANOBEC have got running cases with the Central Bank for charging their properties in terms of rentals in Dollars, as a matter of fact Waheed Kasam has got a bell bond with Fiscal Police for his evil intentions and activities.

All his properties charge in US dollars and the money is externalised to his bank account in Dubai, South Africa, Hong
Kong, Mauritius and UK.

The transfer and the movement of these money is always attracting red flags from the financial intelligence authority because manmade and doctored invoices are always used as a basis of such quire transfers.

Fiscal police are being alerted every month of such invoicing in US dollars contravening the Central bank regulations. His accountants are always in running battles with Fiscal police and have to use political connections as was the case when Goodall Gondwe and Joseph Mwanamveka were Ministers of Finance, respectively.

In addition, Dalitso Kabambe and previously Perks Ligoya were used as mere scarecrow to stop police from executing their duties.

In the meantime, farmers and villagers around Chitukula behind Kasungu road at Sunseed Oil are still waiting for justice to be concluded and to be seen in the courts.

Oil spillages and other disgusting substances have ruined farm land and water streams just behind his factory which has been closed more than ten times by the Environmental Management Authority. Villagers through their Member of Parliament Hon. Gladwell Kachikungu Chimdzeka have written the Minister of Environment Nancy Tembo MP to have the case resolved amicably before the descend on his company.

Research from 1996 shows that all the deals at ESCOM, Ministry of Energy, Malawi Housing Corporation, Lilongwe Water Board, Ministry of Health and Central Medical Stores Mr. Kassam supplied goods bypassing the tendering process.

The former ODPP have got files which have been referred to PPDA on a patriotic deeds by MANOBEC managed and owned by Mr Kasam and his sons.

Dedza district council, Mzimba district council, Mchinji district council, University of Malawi, the former Polytechnic,
MITCO House, ADL, Lilongwe City Assembly and Ministry of Youth have got complaints loaded at the Road Authority, National Construction Industrial Council and ACB on poor workmanship. These cases have stalled due to the big hand called the golden handshake.

Mr. Kassam as the don of golden handshakes has been involved in cases of money laundering through his business of Usury otherwise known as caterpillar. This is against the teachings of the Holy Quran and the Islamic guiding principle Sura. He has been advised and cautioned by seniors led by Zika Moosa of LMD and Moosa Mart. Other than this Mr Moosa warned him of using money hungry officials from lands and MHC to get land and sell it before payment to
government at five times the price in US dollars.

Every two days he uses these characters to get land which has not been paid for into the name of MANOBEC. Files containing these are available at regional lands office in Lilongwe and the planning committee at Lilongwe City
Council is going to summon him for his role in using officials in the planning section to endorse and approve drawings through the back door.

Hilary Kamela the director of planning at Lilongwe city council is under fire because of his dealings with Waheed Kassam. MANOBEC Limited had two cases before the Anti-Corruption Bureau that time under the leadership of Justice Mtegha since it abused the Privatisation process when acquiring property under the then MDC.

It is reported that two properties were bought from MDC without paying and Mr. Kassam sent a parcel to Sanjika palace through Esnart Muluzi, a sister to Bakili Muluzi.

One man who has survived the spotlight and radar in the ongoing investigations by the government through its agencies like fiscal police, ACB, MRA, Financial intelligence authority, and the National Intelligence service is Farook Gani of Victoria Hotels.

This man has been supplying food rations at Malawi Armed Forces College MAFCO, Parachute Battalion, Colby Barracks, Kamuzu Barracks and Combat Support Battallion to mention but few. The prices were very exorbitant and the food stuff provided did not tally with the amount paid.

Thereabout four cases at the Anti-corruption bureau and PPDA. Farook Gani survived because of Gertrude Mutharika and her son Tadikkira plus Roza Mbilizi the former deputy Commissioner general of MRA.

At Central Medical Trust Gani had a contract to supply medical equipment and products amounting to MK29 billion Kwacha.

What the crooked and evil Gani did was to go to China and negotiate for a contract of getting used syringes, recycled
bandages, recycled gloves and when the issue was brought to light by good Samaritan from China two officials at the trust deemed as opposition were dismissed. Frackson Kaopa the CEO then was given all the information of Ganis activities but remained put due to Ganis political links.

As Ganis political hegemony is waning what he has done is to find his way through some unscrupulous officials at Ministry of Healthy and ACB to cover up his deeds.

But Gani did the same when he claimed to have supplied fertiliser in 2010 and 2011 yet he just doctored delivery notes through palm oiling of officials at Smallholder fertiliser revolving fund and Ministry of Agriculture.

For starters please ask Martha Chizuma to check in the records office at ACB or ask the Director of Investigations Dan Mponda to bring out all the 12 files on Farook Gani of Victoria Hotels. Fiscal Police of Blantyre are privy to the dossier on Farook Gani.

The Malawi Revenue Authority apart from pestering and harassing Faizal Latif of Mapeto wholesalers and Mapeto David Whitehead check on goods that were imported by Farook Gani and were under declared. Gani through Roza Mbilizi and Felix Tambulasi the general legal counsel abused the system the records are there. Farook gani almost had Eric Ming’ang’a fired because he had commenced investigations on his imports which were always labelled as gloves or surgical equipment to avoid paying the normal taxi yet they were clothing materials and other equipment destined for the military ordinance depot.

Farook Gani took advantage of his relationship with Norman Paulosi Chisale Hiwa to get military contracts for peacekeeping missions but only supplied half although he was paid in full auditors should zero in on his MK30 billion contract of 2016 and 2017 with the Malawi defence force.

The money was shared with the high command and the then minister of foreign affairs Dr. George Chaponda. This led to the transfer of Brian Bowler from New York to Brazilia since he had questioned the movement of funds from the Malawi mission account which dealt with peacekeeping.

For starters refer to the Malawi mission in New York all that information its available and there is a woman of Tanzanian origin who worked closely with Bowler at the mission who can be used for the sake of institutional memory.

Farook Gani attempted to use Late Sidik Mia to have his name cleared but failed and he turned to Dr. Chaima Banda through his nephew Tony Karim of Michiru Hotel.

This also failed since Dr. Chaima Banda smelt a rat. Farook Gani was left alone in the court and he is scared of all the printing contracts from Ministry of Education that were bound for Kris Offset.

Kris Offset was involved in printing third ballot papers during the 2019 aborted election, Godfrey Itaye then Director General of MACRA and Kondwani Nankhumwa were behind this.

Farook Gani is still in political cohort with Kondwani Nankhumwa and in short he is the one providing the much needed financial resources.

Please Martha Chizuma and company check the budgets for the safe motherhood for the last five years since Farook Gani was behind PLEM Construction contract to build Phalombe hospital. Farook Gani your days are numbered and you shall give back to Malawians what belongs to them.

Office world under the ownership of the two brothers Shaukat and Ifan had a case in 2017 with the Malawi Revenue Authority, whereby funds in taxes amounting to MK4 billion were unpaid.

Goodall Gondwe and Joseph Mwanamveka told Tom Malata then Commissioner General to throw the information under the carpet all these was done with the support of Felix Tambulasi who directed Steve Kapoloma to issue a statement arraying media on the same.

Wilma Chigalu had refused openly to do the needful since the case had not been concluded thanks there was
no discontinuous certificate. To date there are two files at ACB where Office World has been issuing invoices to externalise funds and yet the company in questions belong to them.

For instance, there are two companies in Dubai which belong to the two brothers and any invoice issued in their respective names the money goes directly to their account.

In the process the two brothers have acquired properties in South Africa, Hong Kong, Dubai and United Kingdom. In the meantime, Shaukat is in England recovering from a heart problem that culminated from a phone call he got from the Anti-corruption bureau requesting him to appear for questioning.

Office world has been importing other products for supplying in International organisations disguised as machinery which attracts a modest levy from MRA however a very nosy MRA officer at Mchinji road dry port noticed these misgiving and the matter was thrown out of the window after Ifan Tayub called Roza Mbilizi.

The story of office world is one which exposes the institutionalisation of official corruption as such Mr. John Biswick and Henry Ngutwa the deputy commissioner general should strive to unearth to bring back the lost glory ag Malawi Revenue Authority.

Abdul Lido Karim also known at Batatawala came to Malawi as a shop assistant for Mr. Kassam Okhai but today he is a multibillionaire and stories surrounding his name leaves a lot to be desired. His companies, African Trading agencies and Reliance Trading have become famous for the wrong things.

Every contract that they get they are always find a loop hole to drag the government to court knowing pretty well that government does not defend such court cases. Batatawala has been trading with Malawi Police Service, immigration, Malawi Defence Force and Malawi Housing dubiously and has got several cases where he is demanding billions
of kwachas.

Just recently he has been demanding MK52 billion from immigration for a contract which was initially pegged at 8 billion kwacha, as of now he has infused interest and other legitimate expectation matters.

Batatawala is also in court with Adamson Mkandawire special advisor on Rural development to the President after he allegedly borrowed Mkandawire MK378 million to hire a plane from Nairobi to Lilongwe to ferry purportedly boxes of money amounting to US$4 billion belonging to Madam Ellen Sirleaf Johnson of Liberia. This is a pure charade obtained in the streets of Lagos or Kinshasa where the college of hard knocks dominates the thinking.

In short Batatawala is supposed to be questioned by the police and the financial intelligence authority for his role in an open money laundering escapade.

A room at Maula or Chichiri has been booked and the commercial division court in Blantyre has got all the records on these strange transactions. Two weeks ago it was reported that the case had gone for mediation and we are still waiting for the outcome.

Batatawala has become a kingpin for all the wrong things and all to be investigated and of need be deported. Azer Chaudry and Sana started as a fairy tale because Chaudry came here as a kitchen assistance but fought his way to be a consular for Pakistan in Malawi.

Human trafficking, gun running, money laundering, racketeering are matters that are found in his description. His persona is riddled with the number of people coming from Pakistan illegally in route to South Africa. The Malawi police service, immigration Department and National Intelligence service have the radar on him but cannot be touched due to his fat pocket.

If you find illegal immigrants moving in dozens and not a baker’s dozen all these are courtesy of Azer Chaudry. His major business is human trafficking and as we are talking he is wanted in Tanzania, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

In Zimbabwe the central intelligence organisation C-10 have officially requested the Malawi government to strip him off of the diplomatic status as a consulate of the Republic of Pakistan in Malawi.

Matters related to tax evasion form part of a story revealing the true identity of Azer Chaudry he has got a case at ESCOM and Southern Region Water Board in the interim, he is getting closer to one Ibrahim Matola who is the chair of Southern Region Water Board to continue his game of notes and crosses. We want to warn Mr. Ibrahim Matola
to desist from associating with Azer Chaudry.

As a government of Malawi moves in a supersonic speed to build a six lane in Lilongwe they shall meet a lot of stumbling blocks because Mustak Chotia had bought land illegally invading the road reserve areas to the extent that the government will be forced to compensate many property developers like Sanctuary Mall on Mzimba road as we are going to Kamuzu Central Hospital.

Mustak with his stick fingers got the land where sanctuary land is today illegally and sold it to an innocent property developer who did not sense that one day he will be in trouble since the land encroached the road reserve area.

Looking at the asymmetric drawings presented by the road authority surely half of the sanctuary mall car park will be consumed by the proposed interchange roundabout.

In the meantime, Mustak Chotia has gone into hiding because there is pressure from the people he sold the illegal land.

In Area 49 Muskat Chotia using Eunice Napolo the CEO of Malawi Housing got more than 50 Hectare of land to come up with a housing project targeting middle income earners and the business plan for the project clearly narrated this.

However, the houses never saw the light of the day and the plots were sold at commercial rate contravening the land that prevents the sale of public lands minus any construction or development. Handcuffs and constables are waiting
for Mustak Chotia and his partner in crime Ishmael Suleman Khadibar.

On Mchinji Road just after city mall. Chotia as usual sold a lot of land and the road reserve element was obscure in his mind and he has created a lot of confusion to the extent that the Anglican Church lost valuable land which they bought as a church to build a University. The case is in court and Mustak Chotia is being mentioned.


The above mentioned leads shall give law enforcement agencies including the office of attorney general insights of how public land, resources and opportunities have been mismanaged corruptly by a few greedy men.

The police and fiscal police in particular are the targets for this report we have taken the initiative to conduct preliminary investigations what is left now is for you people using your skills and talents to come up with a comprehensive report for easy reference when it comes to prosecution.

This s just a preamble of many such reports and we shall strive to unearth more information so that we preserve the dignity of mother Malawi.

We urge the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) in particular to up its game and bring these rogues to court like Farook Gani who was supplying recycled surgical equipment and yet the contract was clear in the sense that the preference was on brand new products.

Farook Gani is a good example of unscrupulous business man who is only geared to make profits.

Please send us all leads or information to these email addressed Invedstigationteam@consultant.com or investigationfeed@consultant.com.

We shall not reveal your identity and there will be confidentiality in our dealings. As of now we have chosen to be incognito for fear of being targeted because we are dealing with criminal elements who want to create a state capture scenario in Malawi.

Our solace and comfort is derived from the fact that we have got a new government in place which is handling matters differently for the benefit of every Malawian.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are those of the author not neccessarily of The Maravi Post or Editor

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