MCHINJI-(MaraviPost)-Lessons are expected to improve at Njisa Primary at Traditional Authority (T.A) Nyoka, in Mchinji district following the donation of iron sheets and nails for the completion of the school block.

The family of Felix Kasinda Mbewe and business tycoon Tahra Saqib on Sunday supported the completion of facility whose pupils are learning on trees due to insufficient of classrooms.

Established 1983, Njisa primary has 916 pupils, three learning blocks with seven teachers located at Mchinji East Constituency.

With various challenges facing the school as the son of the area, Kasinda and Saqib responded to the concern with little offer to make a difference of the facility.

Mbewe told the Maravi Post after the donation that being the son born and groomed in the area he could not keep on watching the challenges the facility was facing hence the support.

He observed that with little support offer from other sources; friends, pupils will be able learning in classes especially this learning season.

“The support is part of my appreciation to the school which I was for standard one and two. Therefore seeing in this condition I could not hold myself but doing something for my community. With my friends will try to work on other challenges including teachers’ houses,” assures Mbewe.

Njisa Primary School Head teacher Witness Jangiya lauded Kasinda and Saqib for the timely support which will help for the completion of the school block.

Jangiya said the school block which is being initiated by the community it was worth noting for Kasinda to come with the support as the son of the village.

He therefore urged other well-wishers to emulate the gesture Mbewe and friends demonstrated to remember where they are coming from.

Last month Kasinda and Saqib also donated different medical equipments and food items to Mikundi health centre in the district with the aim of improving health service delivery.

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