By Lusekero Mhango

KARONGA-(MaraviPost)-Department of Disaster for Karonga District Council has trained Journalists residing in the lakeshore district in Disaster Risk Management (DRM).

Speaking in an interview after officially opening the one day long training in Chitipa District on Monday, Karonga District Commissioner, Paul Kalilombe, said it was vital to orient journalists so as they can report on issues of disasters from an informed point of view.

He said “In as far as disaster risk management is concerned journalists are key stakeholders as they serve the best interests of the communities when they have a better understanding of the issues hence the training.”

Adding that “With proper training and understanding of disaster issues journalists will have a common stand to objectively give a point of view in relation to disaster issues in Karonga.”

Kalilombe then called upon journalists to work hand in hand with the council in the efforts of mitigating disaster risks within the district.

Speaking in a separate interview District Relief and Rehabilitation Officer for Karonga Shepard Jeri, challenged the Media not only to focus on when disasters are striking but have to strive to relay information and provide messages that should be able to help in mitigating the impacts of disasters.

“As much as it is important to give information to the general public of how much Karonga has been affected from disasters but we should also not forget the importance of educating the communities on what they can do when a disaster has struck and what they can do to save themselves and protect their properties.” He explained.

Jordan Simeon Phiri, one of the participants to the training, expressed gratitude to the organizers of the orientation saying the workshop was an eye opener as journalists lacked knowledge on issues of disaster risk management.

Phiri therefore challenged his fellow journalists to broaden up their horizon in their news gathering by embracing reporting on issues of disaster risks and their mitigations for the betterment of Karonga communities.

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