There is excitement and hope over the way the opposition party that founded Malawi Independence in 1964 is garnering support in Malawi.

Events of the Lower Shire gives hope to everyone across the country [MCP].

There is belief and hope in the party that is ruling the country by now taking in mind the development they are ushering across the country, economic indicators on paper, credit lines that have resumed from donors or development partners and state financial strength at hand or in control [DPP].

The hope that the clock is ticking when the party that has lived almost three years without a leader, will soon see their leader back and inject the party back to life [PP]

The parties that did not do well in 2014 is busy rejuvenating and developing new muscles to upset the giants in the race come 2019.

Obvious the youth that think have been betrayed and left out are hatching their own methods to make their presence heard or felt come 2019.

MAENGA GROUP would like to engage with you all on this dossier and communique:-

1. Your government and political party has been in power for almost 3 years so far and you are busy planning for a second term, in your rallies and strategic meetings, you are satisfied that you deserve a second term, have you made thorough investigations and evaluated your performances that you can be elected again for another five years? You challenge that you have so far become a democratic Government and that Malawi is moving forward; is it true on the ground?

In your style of leadership you have failed to root out corruption, most of your members with executive positions, have scrupulously become rich without recorded investment data, your members of parliament have been caught with cases of embezzlement of CDF funds, most of your cabinet ministers are involved in cash gate scandals and in three years you have not apprehended even one.

Despite recommendations presented by your own instituted commission of inquiry that the procurement of maize in Zambia, one of your ministers went out of the way coercing corrupt activities, the very minister being a Government member who is supposed to hold and observe the laws of the country, was found with hoards of cash in his house, as a Government looking for a second term, what have you done to please and appease the voters in 2019? Did you arrest Chaponda?

Your economic plan indicates recovery in your opinion, but what type of recovery is it that is not felt by citizens, as they use too much cash for little or small commodities in exchange? What convincing point can you show or tell the citizens that your Government is capable of another term when poverty and cost of living is high and tough?

To show that you are a people-oriented leader or party, there is no single day you stood in the open to apologize to the people for your failures and perhaps seek their patience to give you ample time to fix the mess created by the previous, as well as your Government to create confidence and hope in almost the lost souls of Malawi.

What measures have you taken to plant confidence in Malawi that you are trimming extravagant Government expenses, or reduce useless expenditures?

How many bad tomatoes have you removed from your basket to show your credibility and honesty towards the nation of Malawi?

What have you done to assure Malawians that you are a material to remain in Government or at State House, taking in mind that the freedoms that others in the past fought for are maintained when your party beat critics and harass members of other parties in the era of multiparty dispensation?

In a democratic society people are still dying like in one party state and make the country to read false information; it is either the victim threw himself from the fourth floor and that Njaunju died in car accident.

Why is your party and Government not ruling but always campaigning? When is your Government going to start telling the truth about the deaths of innocent souls and bring culprits to book to show this nation that you are a party in a democracy and under the rule of law?

You have passed access to Information Bill, but your Government is still hiding many information involving the 13 files, the thieves in MK577 billion scandal? You are not pushing forward the law agencies to investigate the source of wealth of the founder and first president of your ruling party DPP, is it because he was your brother so you are obstructing justice; is there conflict of interest?

Are you serving your party and personal interests at the expense of the nation?

2. Afrobarometer has ignited hope in you as an opposition party that if the situation continues as is you are likely to become a ruling party and president of the Republic of Malawi.

This opinion seems to console you from the slumber that you have been ever since you lost election in 1994.

Statistical demographics show that your party is regional for the central part of the country. You have been trying to pull basics by coercing northern region where your running mate who happens to be the current speaker of national assembly hails.

In a desperate move to hide the truth of being a regional party you have come to the South to lure a figurehead that in the present political climate is a spent force or expendable.

The Afrobarometer gave you hope when you were with the speaker as the running mate; what gives you hope that the South with the spent force like Hon Mia, will change the outcome? Are you those people who throw away the pot of okra with the hope that you will get a hate in a hunt?

Have you sat down and recalled what pushed you into the opposition bench for 23 years? Have you corrected the past mistakes that your party committed against this nation in 31 years? Despite changing leadership and manifesto, slogans and beliefs have you conducted a nationwide tour to explain to the multitude of Malawi what you intend to do that will be different from what your predecessors did?

Have you compensated those victims that are mourning, enslaved, killed, disappeared to show the nation that you are different and that you will not repeat the past?

How can the nation trust you to be a formidable force to bring the much needed change when as opposition you have failed to speak against the ills of the Government of the day?

President Peter Mutharika defied the Constitution after the supreme law, courts ruled otherwise, as an alternative hope you kept quite and did not grill the President, how would you want to be trusted that you will not do the same?

Malawi has become a milking cow of politicians starting from your party to DPP, what measures have you put in place that you will not be another bunch of thieves if Malawians vote you in power in 2019?

There are scandals of Cashgate involving billions, there is Tractorgate involving some of you in opposition, there are issues of constitutional obligations such as section 65 and access to information bills that are passed but silent, what are you doing while in opposition to show that you can be trusted in a 2019 government?

There are many thieves in the Government that are shielded by the President, what do you do as a government in waiting in order to plant trust in the citizens to unveil all these and hold the President and Government to account?

Do you think bringing in your party recycled politicians because of money will win you votes? Are you after votes or people to deliver?

3. Your party lost elections in 2014 after being in government for only two years. After losing your party seemed to have gone into oblivion, your leader went into exile even though she had no case on the dockets of the Republic of Malawi. Since then three years have passed, you are not doing anything tangible to show you want to claim your seat in the government come 2019. When you were in government cash gate was unveiled and all eyes got angered on you, perhaps this is the reason you came far third.

Tabloids that are pro-orange sympathize with you that you were just victims of the practise started in 2005 leading to cash gate and other corrupt activities that made our nation lose close to a trillion Kwacha.

You have never come into the open to verify your honesty, your leadership is still in exile without explaining reasons behind her absence. What makes you think citizens want you back into the government when you are mute and failed to clarify your record that you are not corrupt and that you are clean from cash gate?

What are your promises that you can convince citizens this time around. Are you authenticating the notion that you were an accidental government that if former president late Bingu Wa Mutharika could not die in a sudden death you could not be in power? Then why did you form the Peoples Party?

4. You are the party that ushered this nation into multiparty democracy, you had your ten years period in power. Ever since the founder relinquished power you have changed to become a spinster failing to find proper home. You are cracked, some believing in the Yellow colour while the head believes in jumping like a popcorn from one government to another.

Despite your decline on the political market with only 13 members in the August house you look like a headless chicken.

What is it exactly you are doing as a formidable political party? After losing your power in crooked way by late president Bingu Wa Mutharika are you not angered to claim it through sanity?

You are always swallowed and the nation sits in disarray not understanding your direction. Those that follow you are adamant not knowing whether to trust or believe in you. What a betrayal?

Do you think yellow will be mighty again through the backdoor? Are you serving the interests of the nation or your greed? What is it that you are offering in 2019 for citizens to have a trust that you can be voted into power again?

5. Ever since you lost parliamentary seat MAFUNDE seems to remain a briefcase party, the coalition is not heard anymore. Are you around? Ever since 2014 no one hears of you, are you coming back or this is the beginning of the end?

The fact that you are out of parliament does mean you cannot speak against the ills in the government? Millions of voters don’t sit in parliament but are aware of the decay in economy, moral decay in society that the incumbent government has brought, why are you quite?

Should we summon and petition the ministry of justice to deregister all silent political parties? Wake up and do something the country needs the voice of reason, there are voiceless souls crying and gnashing teeth in abject poverty out there.

6. Rumours are abound from the youth that make 60% of the population that they have been left out for long and they would like to form a formidable revolutionary political party, who are you and what are you waiting for. Malawi is rotten there is a growing need for a rebirth and evolution of political renewal, do it.

MAENGA GROUP appeal to mentioned groups in this article to look at all the questions and queries with honest and dignified mindset and address them.
The elections of 2019 are not going to be about personalities, region, tribes or names.

MAENGA will make sure that all the citizens realize that time of voting for region, tribe, names, money, personality is gone.

In 2019 Malawi will have to vote on “issues based political party” and “issue based president”.

History must be turned around and this is the time. We are tired of politics of patronage, of money, of names, of region, of tribe.

All responses must be forwarded to the Chairperson of MAENGA GROUP or be addressed to the electorate across the country. Your passport to be voted into power rest on addressing these pertinent issues raised.


The views expressed in this article are not necessarily those of the Publisher or the Editor of the Maravi Post.

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