Couple kill baby

Police in Dedza have arrested and are keeping in custody a couple for killing their 8 months baby on 18th June 2015 around 11AM. The couple had been married for a year and had a daughter named Eunice Jossam.

They married after a man impregnated the woman when they were dating but the man accepted responsibility. Since the child was born, the man was suspicious that the child did not resemble him nor any of his relatives. He told his wife that they should kill the child if their marriage was to continue.


The wife agreed to the plan in order to save the marriage.

They faked that the child was sick suffering from cough and want to take her to the hospital. On their way to the said hospital, they choked her to death and returned home saying the child had died due to the cough but after questioning them thoroughly they confessed to the killing.

The couple are Jossam Benard 22 and his wife Eunice Fuleya 17 all from mkomeko village in the area of traditional authority Kasumbu in Dedza. They will answer murder charge

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