Ambassador of Malawi to the United States of America commissioned Mr. Jordan Scofield Price, as Malawi’s Honorary Consul in the state of Texas in the United States of America

The Ambassador of Malawi to the United States of America
Embassy of the Republic of Malawi
2408 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20008

We the undersigned as individuals and citizens of Malawi, resident in the state of Texas, are formally protesting the recent appointment of a Malawi Honorary Consul for the State of Texas.

In an official announcement made on December 12th, 2019, the Malawi Ambassador to the United States of America commissioned, without prior consultation, Mr. Jordan Price as the first ever Honorary Consul for the State of Texas. Read Full Announcement here

The commissioning of the office of the Honorary Consul was touted as beneficial to Malawi and Malawians living in the USA. As members of the fraternity of Malawians living in Texas, we the undersigned find the process to have lacked transparency, provided zero accountability and reminiscent of the pervasive and rampant corruption that our nation struggles to thwart.

Malawians living in Texas appreciate that Malawi has a lot to benefit from a state as large and industrially diverse as Texas. Malawians in Texas want to foster business, civic, academic and other opportunities between Texas and Malawi. We want a closer and enabling working relationship with our own government, and we want credible representation.

Since we do not know Mr. Jordan Price, and are not familiar with the criteria used to select him, we question if he can reliably, accurately, and authentically represent us or our interests. We are seriously concerned by the lack of transparency in the process used to make this appointment.

It is dismaying that a clear overarching government strategy that necessitated this appointment was not socialized or communicated to us and no input was requested from members of our

One thing that we have learned living in Texas is you “Don’t mess with Texas” and we are formally requesting the Ambassador to take the following steps in this matter:

1- Formally cancel the appointment of Mr. Jordan Price as Malawi’s Honorary Consul for the State of Texas by March 6th, 2020.

2- Confirm a date and time to travel to Texas and meet with Malawians living in Texas and start an honest and transparent process towards creating an office in Texas to serve
Malawi and Malawians living in Texas and its neighboring states.

We want a government that represents and works for all of us, as in fact, that office will fly our national flag in the State of Texas. It is untenable to expect Malawians living in Texas, and elsewhere in the USA, to blindly accept and applaud diplomatic initiatives that are imposed on us without any prior bilateral exchange of ideas.

Malawians in Texas have much to offer in the quest to develop Malawi but we will not be reduced to hand-clappers, a practice common in Malawi under former dictatorships that stifled a free flow of ideas. Our people in Malawi have been and are fighting for a government of the people by the people and for the people, and we in Texas expect no less, and we do not want to have to fight for it.

Please send your response to the following address:

3240 E. Whitestone Blvd Unit 23, Cedar Park, Texas, 78613.

Signed today (February 28, 2020):

Lawrence Matengula (Austin, Texas)
Henry Kamanga (Dallas, Texas)
Sheila Flowers (Killeen, Texas)
Peter Magombo (Austin, Texas)
Nancy Kalengamaliro (Houston, Texas)
Jane Kamanga (Dallas, Texas)
Dalitso Muluzi (Dallas, Texas)
Success Kuchawo (Austin, Texas)
Abiba Tsoka-Matengula (Austin, Texas)
Hlodile Magombo (Austin, Texas)
Queen Masanja Kisio (El Paso, Texas)
Mwayi Kalengamaliro (Houston, Texas)
Dr Ray Kacelenga (Austin, Texas)

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