Matola (Energy Minister), Chakwera and motorists spending nights for fuel

By Burnett Munthali

Malawians shouldn’t make another mistake in 2025. They need to elect a good leader who is visionary. They should elect a leader who can drive this country forward and not backwards.

It doesn’t matter where that leader will come from but Malawi needs that good leader now and in future.

A good leader can come from any political party but let us scrutinize the qualities rather than going for the name of any political party.

A good leader must come from Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), UTM, United Democratic Front (UDF) or even Mbakuwaku. We all need a good leader and not a Laissez Fair because such a leader won’t take us anywhere.

I have listened to many concerned voices from different political divide. One thing which keeps coming out clear is that everyone needs a good leader, not a Laissez Fair leadership.

We should therefore avoid party politics at this stage we have reached but only leadership politics will take this nation moving forward.

If a lawyer makes a mistake, it affects one particular individual. If a doctor makes a mistake, it affects that particular individual. If an engineer makes a mistake it will affect hundreds of people. If a political leader makes a wrong decision, it affects millions of people in that particular country. Malawi in particular is in a mess mainly because of leadership crisis. The current leadership is so clueless, slow and undecided that you wonder what is going on their mind.

I would like to hint that elections are not for trial and error. Neither are elections meant for casual thoughts, they are a serious decision and a turning point of any country that seriously wants to move forward and to greater heights. Obviously, at the level we are moving, Malawi is a lost sinking ship full if nothing but cheap talk like kids who have just learned talking.

Our tax that we pay is not doing its intended purpose. We are paying leaders that are not working.

We are all losing out in this battle because we don’t have the right commander, weapons and bullets. I am not talking about live ammunition here but just trying to use a different vocabulary to explain the same predicament that has befallen us.

Malawi for great leadership is the kind of Malawi we want for all of us. So come 2025, Malawians must avoid hiring someone who has a library of speeches. Let us learn to scrutinize leaders right from where they are coming from, what they have achieved or failed to achieve, their attitude towards work and treatment of other people around them.

Malawi is at the crossroads as we speak. There is no better evidence to prove that we have a corrupt and failing government comprising nine political parties. Just check the High-5 and be honest with each one of you if indeed the Hi-5 has been delivered.

Honestly speaking, of all that government is failing to deliver, Hi-5 is one of them. Malawi hired a President and his Vice who did very well in oral interviews but practically on the ground, these two do not have the expertise and drive to develop this nation as they made Malawians believe.

Malawians should not make another blunder in 2025. They should go for a good leader.

The people of Malawi must consider going for someone in 2025 who:

Has the ability to quickly organize cohesive the country that is well-suited for the tasks at hand. Has decisiveness. Has experience. Is goal-driven orientation. Is strong communicator. Is an able facilitator. Is cool-headed. Is a good listener.

Malawi today needs a leader who can manage leadership crisis.

This country badly needs a leader who can:

Give a clear direction. In times of crisis, leaders owe their people a clear sense of direction, even when visibility is poor. Focus on people. Be transparent. Develop self-leadership. Care for their nation. Learn to be a real leader.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are those of the author not necessarily of The Maravi Post or Editor

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