KASUNGU-(MaraviPost)-Kasungu municipal town is expected to restore its green face by increasing number of trees and green spaces with the aim of beautifying the area and reduce air pollution through a project called “Plant a tree for a reason.”

The project which is led by Kasungu Youths for Development with support from a Malawian of Asian origin who is also a business person in the district, Abid Mhamood that was launched over the weekend is expected to plant over 1000 trees around the town.

Paul Shawa who is the executive director of Kasungu youths for development said his organization came up with the project after realizing that trees are an essential way of keeping town liveable and also adapting it to climate change.

According to him, through their organization they discovered that Kasungu town was the best ever because there was less need for air conditioning costs due trees which helped to cool the area.

“Even in other town and cities outside the country, authorities are busy making concerted efforts to improve green spaces and boost the number of trees on their streets and surrounding areas. We can also do the same. Those who know the history of Kasungu will agree with our finding,” said Shawa.

Shawa however call for financial support from well wishers in order to fulfill their project which does not have a financier.

In his remarks, Mhamood said the main challenge of all urban environment often include overcrowding, a high cost of living and air pollution and that the latter is a serious issue that affect everyone hence his decision to support the organization.

“I have been here since 2004 and I have more experience about the town. We really need to plant more trees. And I urge any well wishers to join hands. What this organization is doing is a recommendable job but they lack support,” he said.

During day, the organization planted over one hundred trees.

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