Archbishop of Blantyre diocese Luke Thomas Msusa

By Steven Godfrey Mkweteza

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-The Archbishop of Blantyre diocese, Luke Thomas Msusa, says is disappointed with the growing trends of moral decadence mostly among the educated folks, a development which he says, has been discouraging potential investors in the education sector of the country.

Msusa was speaking at the commemoration of Our lady of wisdom centenary celebrations that was held at the school campus in Limbe, Blantyre.

Msusa said while the catholic community has an interest to help government in developing the education sector in the country.

“It was discouraging to see that the students were not a good representative in the society once they finished their studies.

“As Catholics, we are interested in supporting the government in education promotion by among others building more school structures. However, we are discouraged to see most of these educated folks becoming a bad exemplary in the society, ” said Msusa.

The seemingly furious Msusa, therefore, called upon students to desist from the immoral behaviours so as to rebuild the public trust for the prospective investors to invest in education.

“Education should help to change the lives of the people for better. But it is discouraging to see that most of these educated folks becoming crooks, selfish, thieves and do not think good about this country, ” he added.

Speaking earlier, the board chairperson of the girls school, Henry Mukaka, said it was encouraging that the school has helped the development of the education sector in the country by producing a lot of successful and g9d exemplary students who have been influential in the developments endeavors of the country.

Mukaka however, said some of the students at the school were becoming so unruly because they adopt bad behaviours from where they live.

” We are therefore, planning to build hostels so that we prevent our students from copying bad behaviours from where they live. These will also make them concentrate more on education. We are planning to have a big library whereby to encourage a reading culture among them ,” he said

An aluminai of the school and who was also the guest of honour during the colorful event, Mary Chilima, said she was proud to be one of the students that the school produced.

Among others, she said she was rated the best student in grades and behaviour while at the school because of the responsible teachers of the school.
Chilima further urged her fellow alumina to develop a culture of supporting the school in various project activities which it lacked .

Our lady of wisdom school is a girls school which was established by the daughters of wisdom in 1921.

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