Tobacco Commission boss Sadala under prob for office abuse

By Tawonga Sesani

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)– The country’s Office of Ombudsman has instituted investigations on Kaisi Sadala boss for Tobacco Commission (TC) over irregular operations at the institution.

According to the statement which Maravi Post has seen signed by Ombudsman Martha Chizuma, TC Boss Sadala is being investigated on accounts such as irregular promotions, recruitment without interviews, maintaining staffs on payroll irregularly and abuse of power.

Ombudsman Chizuma has therefore asked Sadala to solicit his response to each of the allegations in avoidance of doubt.

In the statement Chizuma has also asked Sadala who is currently on leave to forward his response and supporting documents to the Anti Corruption Bureau by October 29, 2020.

Below is the full Ombudsman letter to Sadala:

Dear Sir,


As you are aware the Office of the Ombudsman was created under section 1’20 of the Constitution of the Republic of Malawi with a mandate to investigate any and all cases of alleged injustice, abuse of power or unfair treatment by inter alia any person or official in the employ of any organ of Government. It is in pursuant to this mandate that I write this letter’.

My Office has received a complaint making various allegations largely against yourself as chief Executive officer of tobacco control commission. The details of the allegations are as follows;

Recruitment without Interviews; It is being alleged that you facilitated the recruitment of the following officers without interviews;
a. Ms Emily Banda as Head of Human Resources and Administration
b. David Jose as Human Resources Manager
c. Levision Phelani – as Deputy chief Executive officer
d. Atupele Njinga – IT Officer
e. Atupele Niaka- IT Officer
Kindly note that for the position of Levison Phelani the complaint further alleges that the position of Deputy chief Executive officers does not exist on the commission’s establishment.

2. Irregular Promotion

It is being alleged that you promoted Sharifa Jefu from the position of clerk to that of Supervisor before she finished serving the probation’

Abuse of Power

There are three allegations in this regard;
a. It is being alleged that you granted your own personal secretary a contract to supply Sanitisers and Face Masks to the Commission without following procedures’
b. You hired a private vehicle for your use when there is already an official vehicle that is allocated to you for personal and private use’
c. You facilitated the sale of two institution’s houses belonging to the commission to Hon (Kondwani Nankhumwa and Hon Nicholas Dausi when there is currently a government ban against the sale of such houses’

Maintaining Staff member on payroll irregularly

It is alleged that you have not acted on the employment status of and have continued paying salary to Ms. Juliana Chidumu who is commission’s Public Relations officer but has for the past five years served on secondment at Malawi High Commission in India { I therefore would like to solicit your comprehensive response to each of the allegations above’.

For avoidance of doubt I would like your comments to touch on the process that was used for the recruitment of Emily Banda, Levison Phelani, David Jose, Atupele Nlinga and Atupele Njaka i.e. the declaration of the vacancy, the adverts for the position, the shortlisting process’ the interview process and the offer to successful candidates.

As for the allegations of irregular promotion of Sharrifu Jefu I shall expect full record of the Officer’s employment clearly stating when he/she was employed and the process followed in his/ her career advancement at the Commission’
On the allegation of abuse of power, I shall expect your comprehensive submission on the processes that you followed in the granting of the contract for the supply of PPEs and sanitiser to your personal secretary and also how the alleged decision to sell the stated institutional houses was arrived at. I shall further expect you to submit on the hiring of a private r,vehicle when allegedly there is already an official vehicle assigned to yourself’,

In as fat as the secondment of Ms Juliana Chidumu is concerned you are expected to provide me with her full employment record with the commission including any details of her secondment to Malawi High commissioner to India. I shall further expect a detailed submission of the remuneration she has been receiving from the commission since then secondment.

The above submission should be accompanied by supporting documents including the Commission,s Terms and Conditions of Service and any relevant available policies on Human Resource generally. You a?e further expected to provide me with the copy of your employment contract and Terms and Conditions of Service if different from the rest of the Commission.

I shall also expect a full [st of the Houses owned by the Commission and records and processes of any disposal of the same’ Pursuant to section 1,24 of the constitution your supporting provided together with your response by October 29, 2020′.

I shall expect your full cooperation in this matter’
Yours faithfully.
Martha Chizuma

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