Atupele Muluzi
Minster Atupele Muluzi

MANGOCHI-(MaraviPost)- The United Democratic Front (UDF) District Governor for Mangochi Urban Abubakar Foster, on Sunday indorsed the current Party leader, Atupele Muluzi as 2019 presidential candidate.

Governor Foster made the endorsment during the public rally addressed by the UDF President himself at St. Augustine 3 Primary School in Mangochi Central constituency. He said that Muluzi will be voted again as leader of the party at the National Convention to be held next year.

Foster said UDF leaders in the district already made the resolution, and that they are only waiting for a convention to make it official.

He added that Party members and officials are impressed with Muluzi’s track record, especially on how he has performed as a cabinet minister in the Mutharika-led Administration.

The District Governor therefore, described the UDF leader as a man of integrity and a well-focused politician, which he said are qualities of a good leader.

“Mr. President some of us are able to see the meaning of Agenda for Change through the way you are performing as a cabinet minister. We are not surprised that the State President Professor Mutharika, has confidence in you; and please tell him that we are very thankful to him.

“Mr. President, you have able to draw a line between partisan politics and Government work, which is very rare, not only in Malawi but beyond the borders,” lauded Foster.

In his remarks, Muluzi asked Party leaders in the district to remain loyal to the Party; he said the UDF belongs to them and not any other leader in the Party, including himself.

The young Muluzi told the rally that as leader, he has embarked on a country-wide tour to interact with Party members and supporters alike as one way of, strengthening the Party.

The UDF leader advised the Party to be on the lookout for what he called enemies of the UDF, who are spreading all sorts of lies about the Party.

“Some of you pretend to be Party members, when you have a leg somewhere else. This must be discouraged.

” Our enemies are spending sleepless nights spreading all sorts of lies against me and the Party, please ignore them,” urges Muluzi.

The UDF is in working relationship with Governing DPP, which one Balaka North lawmaker Lucious Banda, has been against. He argues that the partnership has no legal backing.

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