Meet Malawi’s Prophet Shepherd Emmanuel Mwatunga, the musician


LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Almighty God is still speaking today to it’s children through his messagers which one of them is Prophet Shepherd Emmanuel Mwatunga.

Prophet Mwatunga is one of  Malawi’s emerging men of God who combine preaching and music.

With news songs on his head, Mwatunga wants to spearhead the gospel of Jesus beyond Malawi.

Currently, the man of God in on African countries for evangelisation.

With an exclusive interview with The Maravi Post, Prophet Mwatunga starts with his background, his music career and evangelization;



My name is Prophet shepherd Emmanuel Mwatunga, a Malawin youngman from Machinga district.

Born in 1976 august 26 at Queens hospital, Blantyre I did my primary schools at several schools: Likhubula primary school Mulambalala FP, Chilomoni lumbira FP school finally at Blantyre Secondary School then went to the college after I worked with Malawi Defence Force (MDF).

While was with MDF band I played with the boogie express shaly dee sung with Chrisy Kanthunzi Apostle Peter Simbi , Charles Nsaku & Alikutown sounds and the preachers band of Assemblies of God band.

Eventually, went to Kenya after the calling of God ,to the international Trinity Bible Theological college from there I went to Synonagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) to learn more about prophetic from Emmanuel  TV.

Thereafter I started evangelizing in Kenya ,Tanzania mbeya,Zambia Lusaka with the lot of apostles there

While in Lusaka at the compound called Missis Lyme kafue road and I groomed the lot of sons and daughters intems of the Christianity way and evangelization which singing started in me.

I was singing and playing the instrument; bass guiter as a bassist at Mount Pleasant with Reverend Chimwemwe Mhango thereafter I went to help the work of God planting churches and evangelization in Gaberon in Botswana.

Thereafter I was also invited in Zimbabwe to the RAMA ministry in Harare  Chitungwidza with Apostle Mutufysa then I work with the bishop Jeremia Chikwaza of bible faith ministries Blantyre ,then from there I went Namibia Lesotho south Africa and USA  as well as Israel with the missionaries

Music Life

All this time I was spearing time to record my songs the album title its my testimony 10 track the other songs I recorded in Zambia studio cryietee rec ,south  grass hot rec , recall ,tricky beats

These songs I was recording when during spare time that eventually I formed the ministry which I started in Malawi due resistance was facing with other of other prophets.

Spiritual Life

I finally formed a ministry at Lunzu, Blantye named God High Life Prophetic Ministries (GHLPM) through the ministry I asked Lord to give the direction where to put my ministries in right place.

Thereafter, I went to south Africa Limpopo planting a ministry including other cities Mudimore, Polokwane and Pretoria where still face numerous challenges financially.

Not only that also facing the lot of challenges in family, ministry and from friends.

I knew that the ones I choose to work and ministry its not easy because ministries which follows truth and righteous way a man of God face the lot of temptations challenges and insults,  but God said to me, “Patience and endure”.

Even my music still face challenges as my three album none of it made any sales the way others do.

But I worked hard in a ministry and continue recordings and composing the music of confrontation courage and faith teachings.

This is the reason I have reached at this point to be appear in various media outlets as endurance,  patience,and hard work with prayers and fasting pays.

Honestly, am grateful to God for anointing coupled with the gift of prophetic ,teaching words, healing and deliverance.

Life style

I like singing while worshiping, prayers and fasting all the time.

My favourite foods including chips ,fresh brai fish ,bitros ,cabeg

Am not associated with false witness ,abuse ,mistreatment ,gossiping ,backbiting,jealousy ,credits ,false prophecies ,inter-marital affairs and polygamy,  womanizing.

My ministry don’t put money as priority but the work of God first.

Am not married yet but very soon will tie a knot as am enjoying the work of God.


Spiritual Advise

Musician should learn to endure and patience while in faith.

Avoid indulging into sexual immorality as it has killed many talented and well called servants of God.

This is because titles and fame are pathways of the devil.

Always enjoy your life in the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen!!

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