Irate Malawi Housing Corporation (MHC) tenants on Sunday disclosed of their plan to seek a court injunction against MHC abnormal rentals hike.

The MHC last week announced the percent hike structure for rentals of its houses, starting from 48 to 120 percent, depending on the type and location of the house.

For example, a one bedroom house in some areas has been raised from K55,000 to K84,700 representing a 54 percent hike.

MHC chief executive officer Eunice Napolo, said the decision is to help MHC rehabilitate its old houses at the same time build some modern ones.

She said MHC failed to hike its rentals in the past, because it was relying on funds it gets after selling plots and collect revenues.

However, the tenants who met on Sunday at Chitawira primary school ground, under the banner of MHC Tenants Association, said they will seek a court injunction and also seek a judicial review.

The MHC Tenants Association chairperson Mervin Kawumphawi, argued that the hike percentages were all abnormal and that they are not inline with the current cost of living, and minimum wages.

“Imagine, from 2015 to 16 the house rentals were hiked by ten percent. In 2015, a one bedroom house was raised from K47, 000 to K50, 000 while in 2016, the same house was raised from K50,000 to K55,000. And we did not complained as it was fair to us; but not what we are hearing today,” said Kawumphawi.

The group spokesperson Goodnews Mphande,concurred with Kawumphawi, and added that the group will also go to the streets to demonstrate against the MHC decision.

Government established MHC in 1964 with the vision of providing affordable housing to the middle and lower class sectors.

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