The Salvation Army Malawi with financial support from Sweden, UK and Australia on Saturday launched a three year project worthy US$1.2 million in Karonga with the aim of increasing safe water, sanitation and hygiene in the district.

Speaking during the Launch, the Project Manager Mathews Tulombolombo said the decision has come after facts that some areas in the district still depend on unsafe water for their domestic work.
According to him, it is very unfortunate that after 51 years of independence, some people in the country drink unprotected water from streams.
“This project only target Traditional Authority Kilupula because his area has been segregated for so long as most NGOs shun it due to its poor topographical position,”
He then said “so far we have already provided boreholes, toilets among others in Chikutu and Chisi because the situation was very pathetic.”
According to him, his organization believes that the project will help to end cholera problem that has hit the district.
Expressing his satisfaction, the Principal Group Village Headman Mwaulambo who was representing T/A Kilupula said “we were very behind on sanitation issues a development which has been fueling to the related diseases.”
“This is the first organization to come up with development in my area and we don’t take it for granted,” he added.
In his remarks, the Karonga Council Chairperson hailed the organization for remembering the isolated areas in the district.
“T/A Kilupula has so many areas which are being isolated by other NGOs just because they say it is hard to reach including violence, however salvation army did not look at that because it has people’s will at heart,”
He then said “I urge all NGOs working in Karonga to emulate this organization and start saving people who are in need without looking at location to ensure that the whole district is rich with developments.”
The organization has spared MK1,200 000 for WASH trophy to its catchment areas to be used as a platform of raising awareness in WASH, Food security and environmental issues for six months.
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