Mzuni Vice Chacellor Dr Robert Ridly making Malawian friendly decisions
Mzuni Vice Chacellor Dr Robert Ridly making Malawian friendly decisions

MZUZU (Maravi Post)—Maravi Post has learnt that Mzuzu University has hiked tuition fees from MK250, 000 per year to MK280, 000 per year. The students of Mzuzu University have since praised the management of their institution for the reasonable fee hike.According to our source, the decision was arrived at during a University Councils’ extra-ordinary meeting which was held on 10th June, 2016. The fee increment affects both generic as well as upgrading students and it will be effected during the 2016/2017 academic year.

The Mzuzu University fee hike is contrary to what other quarters have described as “insensitive” fee hike  effected by the Council of the University of Malawi, which has seen fees been hiked from MK275,000 to MK400,000 for normal entry students and from MK275,000 to MK1, 200 000 per year for mature entry students.

On a memo Unima council wrote to constituent colleges of the University informing them on the increment, Chancellor College principal told heads of department to be enrolling student’s enmasse arguing that many Malawians can’t afford to pay such obscene fees.

Yester night, the students of Chancellor College conducted a mega General Assembly which resolved that they should use whatever means possible to have the fees reduced  even if it takes getting rid of Malawi president Peter Mutharika at state house whom the students have accused of gross incompetence.



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