Government is on a mission to open its new offices at Capital Hill in Lilongwe. Speaking on Thursday during inspection ceremony of the offices building which is still under construction in Lilongwe, Minister of Lands Housing and urban Development, Honorable Anna Kachikho said she is happy with the nature of the building as it is about to be finished.


“I am happy that, the building is really in finishing mold, not only that I have also observed that the building is very different from other buildings whereby it has the facilities which will give ability to disabled people to walk freely to every room” she noted.


Kachikho added that she is very impressed with the work which the contractors who are constructing the building have done.


“The work of this project is very impressive and I didn’t believe that in Malawi we also have good contractors who know their job as these constructors have done, since the government was relying much on the contractors from outside the country” she said.


The Minister added that the building would be occupied by government offices and other departments which will include Ministry of Information and Communications Technology and other offices which her Ministry is still in the process of allocating.


Project Manager and the owner of Zingano and Associates which is constructing the building, Bernard Zingano ptold Mana that the project of the building was started some years ago with a special plan in order to be different from other government buildings.


“We started the project in 2009 and our idea was to construct a building which would be different from Capital Hill buildings and we are about to fulfill our plans.


And with special techniques we have aligned two conference rooms with same height and special window grasses which have no bugler bars but is safe,” Zingano remarked.


According to him, the building is 94 metres long, 5 flows with two special conference rooms with inbuilt air conditioning systems; fire proof grasses rooms and two elevators which would ease the movement of people from one flow to another.


Zingano said the building is best ever to occupy government offices as it has special facilities which are appropriate for office use.


“This building is very suitable to be used as offices as it has built in a special way to occupy many offices which could have been occupied in two separate buildings,” he said.


Currently the project has used the money worthy to K 3.5 billion and will finished in December 2017.

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