Nigerian man with two malawians women

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)- The Malawi Police at Kamuzu International Airport (KIA), apprehended a Nigerian business man and two Malawians women, for illegal possession and importation of the dangerous drug called Ethdrin.

The three are identified as Nigerian Christian Osigwelen, 43, and Malawians Lusungu Mlenga, 39, and Rita Juma aged 33, were arrested this week at the airport.

According to KIA Police Publicist Sapulain Chitonde, his office received a tip from Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) officers, who work in the Arrivals hall that they suspected that Lusungu was collecting a table they suspected to have the concealed drug.

After being approached by the Police, the suspect Lusungu claimed to have been sent by someone by the name of Grace from a phone call on her way from Sierra Leon, where she went on her business trip saying the table was lost.

Chitonde added that on August 8, this year Mlenga failed to collect the table, as she had no lost baggage claim form, and came again on the following day.

And she said the table was to be given to Rita Juma, who happened to be her friend; and was in the car park at that time.

Police report that the money she had for the MRA (US$2,000) USD and other Malawi Kwacha over MK700,000.00, was given to her by Christian Osigwelen, who was also in the car park waiting for her.

Mlenga told the Police that was only called by unknown person calling herself Grace, to collect the table from the Airport, which was missing and that $2,000.00 USD plus the Malawi Kwacha over MK700,000.00 was given to her by Christian Osigwelen, who said should clear the table from MRA and not knowing what the table was carrying.

While Rita Juma, who openly said is Christian’s girlfriend of over 6 years, said she was called by Christian her boyfriend to collect $1,000.00 USD from his friend in town and give it to him at the Airport without telling her the use of the said money and that’s what she did.

On the other hand, Christian accepts the statements by the two women’s, but denied to be the owner of the table with the drug although he gave Lusungu the money to clear the table with the MRA.

“MRA Officers who handled the matter revealed to the Police that Mlenga tried to bribe them with the said amount, taking advantage that they were all women and saying women needs to be helping each other, not arresting each other; and said if they (MRA Officers) feel that they need more money she could go and get some from Christian,” the Police said.

Police searched the table and found packets of an unknown powder and they later breached one of the packets to see the powder and it’s when they knew it was dangerous drug called Ethdrin. The Police are yet to finalize interrogating the three as to where the drug was coming from and among the three, who owns it,” said Chitonde.

The three suspects are currently custody in separate cells, waiting to appear before court to answer charges of illegal possession and importation of a dangerous drug that is contrary to Section 11 (a) of Regulation 19 of Dangerous Drug Act.

Meanwhile Police at KIA thanks the MRA officers for being professional when discharging their duties, and collaborating with Police in tipping them about the three and detaining them until Police arrived at the scene.

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