By Burnett Munthali

The news of the newly appointed Director General retired Brigadier Kalumo continues to trend on social media.

Honestly speaking, we cannot do away completely with the retired workforce. Everywhere in the world retired officers of high calibre are hired because of their wide experience, discipline, dedication, abilities and skills they possess for a particular job.

Chakwera and his MCP failing to fix Malawi’s ailing economy

It is probably in this regard that a President appoints certain retired officers to take up positions which are in tandem with their field.

When you establish your own company you realise the value of retired personnel but for now Kalumo’s appointment doesn’t make any sense to many Malawians. He is a retired soldier who has taken over a position which is supposed to have been taken by someone with police knowledge.

When you start working in any government in Africa, you will learn and appreciate the value of retired personnel that they are needed and when hired they really make that big difference and impact.

Their expertise cannot be thrown away just like that. Never . Many retired officers still have the energy to work and can do the job perfectly well, if interested in the job, they should be given that opportunity.

The old or retired officers should be appreciated and respected too because they have something to offer.

There are many retired personnel who have worked and proven their intelligence and swiftness in action too. Our debate focus on individual skills of the appointed people not bent towards hate.

Silly debates take centre stage in many WhatsApp groups almost everyday. People spend hours despising each other but in the end there is no valid point being driven home except hatred. Nothing else.

Retired officers should be given space to work and earn a living if they still can.

We need to start thinking and dreaming in colour, not in black and white.

Only few jobs are taken when retired officers are hired to work in government departments as their main role is to help in some roles.

Many young people need job experience from the old and medium aged employees and retired officers who may be hired in government departments.

However, on the contrary, millions of jobs for the youth should be created because the jobs available on the market cannot suffice the unemployed young people of Malawi.

According to information we have gathered from reliable sources, it is disappointing that the newly appointed Director General for Immigration played a great role and campaigned for the opposition Tonse Alliance and MCP in particular in 2019 through 2020.

Kalumo retired in 1994, some twenty eight (28) ago. As a retired soldier, he helped in the Msundwe protests.

When Reverend Lazarus Chakwera became President, Kalumo was appointed as Security Advisor to the President. He later resigned from the post for reasons not known.

Therefore, Chakwera’s appointment of Brigadier General Kalumo (Retired) as Director General for the Department of Immigration and Citizenship Services is simply based on appeasement and not on merit.

The appointment is aimed at frustrating the hardworking serving officers at the Department of Immigration and Citizenship Services. Mr Kalumo should have been given a lower position, not heading the department as such.

Next time, Mr President will appoint a retired police officer to become the Inspector General of Police. This is a blunder of the year !

The comments and complaints flooding on social media are therefore valid and justified.

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and Chakwera are here to promote nepotism, tribalism and corruption.

The much talked about Hi-5 was nothing but just an empty slogan.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are those of the author not necessarily of The Maravi Post or Editor

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