National Registration Bureau in Zomba has expressed concern over the increased number of people who are losing their National Identity Cards (IDs).

Assistant District Registration Officer, Mercy Satumba told Mana in an interview on Sunday in Zomba saying a number of people lodging complaints through her office about losing their IDs.

She said over 40 people have already reported to her office that they lost their IDs just three months after the district started distribution of the cards.

“The office has observed that people are failing to protect their IDs whenever they are traveling and this is contributing to the loss of the IDs,” the office stated.

Satumba added that only few reports indicate that they were stolen but the rest have lost them at different public places.

She advised people in the district to protect their IDs and not to carry them anywhere when they would not need them.

The Officer warned that anyone who would lose the ID would be required to pay K2, 500 for replacement of the ID.

Satumba appealed to people to return to Zomba District Council if they find a lost IDs in order to maximize cost.

The distribution of National IDs in Zomba started in February,2018 and the exercise is still in progress,

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