BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-The main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Vice President Sidik Mia on Wednesday disputed social media reports that he has built 10 Assemblies of God churches across the country.

Mia who is a dedicated Muslim says the accusation is falsehood meant to castigate and assassinate my character as a devout Muslim.

The MCP VP assures the Muslim community that he remains committed despite social media peddling propaganda.

Below is the full statement Mia issued available to the Maravi Post;

My Fellow Muslims,
I have learnt with sadness as regards the verbal tirade that has ensued on the social media as triggered by the peddling of propaganda, falsehoods and lies meant to castigate and assassinate my character as a devout Muslim.

Those mercilessly attacking me are accusing me of building 10 Assemblies of God churches across the country.

I wish to make it categorically clear that I have never built even a single church structure for the Malawi Assemblies of God in the country.

To the contrary, I have built many mosques across the country and I don’t need to remind you where I have built them for you already know.

I don’t even need to remind you that I am a devout Muslim as you also know that.

Nevertheless, as a businessperson and as a politician, I operate in an environment where both Muslims as well as Christians exist.

For instance, both Muslims as well Christians, have, for the past years, been entrusting me to serve them as their Member of Parliament. Inherently, this follows that I have to take the interests of both groups as my priority, both of them being my constituents.

Helping our Christian brothers and sisters does not necessarily mean that I have joined Christianity as some pushed hard to make people believe recently.

My Fellow Muslims,
If anyone has issues with me, please feel comfortable to book an appointment with me so we can amicably discuss such issues.

Rushing on the social media to castigate me and/or other people on baseless allegations is embarrassing to us as peace loving Muslims.

Honestly, I have been injured by those who have been and continue to assault my religious standing in order to score cheap political points. They have caused an aggravating injury on my religious standing and I hope that they will apologies to me.

Please let’s desist from disparaging one another on baseless grounds.

Thank you so much for your attention.

Sidik Mia
Malawi Congress Party Vice President

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