The UK premier league has been through a number of recent changes as one of the most prestigious football leagues in the world representing players from around the world has once again found disruptions – in the downtime players have turned to alternatives in gaming just like this list of sites here, and may need to continue doing the same as these recent changes have found some controversy once again, but are the changes the right way to go?

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With rising COVID cases in the UK, there have been a growing number of games finding postponement or cancellation once again with an adjustment to the guidance late last year to reclarify what would fall under the extraordinary circumstances for a cancellation or postponement, and these rules have once again been redefined – if four players are to test positive on the team, clubs will be able to postpone or cancel a game until a later date. In the name of safety, this certainly looks like the right move to make particularly as cases had become more prevalent in recent months, but the contrary to this point some fans have suggested this may be used in a way that hasn’t been intended.

Give the slightly open-ended language to this change, it could also mean that false-positive results could lead to game cancellations in the future, and at a time where player injuries may be coming in at an increased rate, this change could be used to manipulate whether or not a game is postponed until a team’s best players return to full fitness. All it would take is to report a few false positives for players that aren’t likely to take part, and all of a sudden it provides a window of opportunity for fitness to return to those who’d otherwise be unable to play and help to secure a win too.

Given a club needs to present 25 players to be fit to play in order to proceed, having just four test positive does to be a very low number, other suggestions have been an additional change to suggest that teams must only need 16 fit players in order to proceed and this may avoid that issue, but in the name of safety it’s likely these changes will only continue to be more stringent over time – with numbers going down however it’s just as likely any guidance will be removed entirely, and a return to a full schedule without disruption will by any luck be closer on the horizon.

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