A shocking post has surfaced on Facebook and has since then gone viral. The post was written by a Nigerian man who dared God to prove he truly exists by taking his life.

According to the Nigerian man who dared God, if his life can’t be taken within 30 minutes, then it meant God doesn’t exist. James William post reads;

“I dare God to take my life in 30 minutes, if he cant, then that means he doesn’t exist”

This is coming after a Nigerian atheist said he will gladly live in a lake of fire if he discovers God exists on the last day.  Ayodele said;

“Both atheists and religious people face the same dilemma when asked this question. It is like asking a Christian what would happened if he dies and finds out that Christianity is not the way but Islam; or what a Muslim would do if he dies and discovers that Judaism is the only true religion. But to answer this question directly, I don’t play Pascal’s Wager.

“I would still not be bothered if I die and find out that the God of Christians is the right God. This is because I have studied the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and found only a single place where Satan actually took the life of someone and at the permission of God. Millions of people were killed in the Bible by God himself or under His instruction.”

“We read in the Bible where God was said to have intentionally hardened King Pharaoh’s heart so that God could kill all the innocent firstborn of Egyptian families. This is barbaric and I wouldn’t want to be associated with a figure of such unstable behaviour.

“So, if am to evaluate the personality of God and that of Satan as presented in the Bible, Satan is not responsible for any evil but God. And moreover, it is better to die for a good cause. If I could be good to everyone on earth and still find myself in Satan’s hellfire because I didn’t accept a man as my lord and saviour, then I will be glad to live in such lake of fire

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