By Chisomo Phiri

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-Malawi music icon Lucius Banda popular known by his stage name ‘Sir Soldier Lucius Banda’ has urged his fellow musicians in the country to stop the habit of competing themselves whenever they want to release a new song and instead take the music to the world level.

Banda made the advice in the video shared on his Facebook Page on Tuesday May 17, 2022.

Lucius Banda: Stop competing each other in music

In the video, Banda says he has noted that there is a growing tendency of musicians fighting themselves when they are realizing new songs and albums which is not necessary if they want Malawi’s music industry to grow.

The ‘ Mabala’ hit maker says as a musician who has stayed in the industry for years now, he has never seen a musician calling his or her own song a hit.

He says traditionally, musicians just produce and release songs they are best at not competing with others because every musician is best at his or her own.

“As musicians let’s just release songs. It’s people who will call it a hit or whatsoever,” advises Banda.

Banda says a musician calling his/ her own song the biggest hit, song of the year or whatever making the song looking like is best, comes a problem when people receive the same song in a different way.

“I want to encourage you my fellow musicians. Let’s just concentrate on producing music. Works of art must not come with an element of competition because every artist is unique on their own and every artist different on their own, ” says Banda.

He says it is more worrying that the musicians themselves are those on forefront pumping up themselves calling themselves superior which is completely a wrong journey if Malawi is to grow in music industry.

The music genius urges fellow musicians to concentrate on writing good songs that can compete on international level.

“Instead of competing yourselves you fellow Malawi musicians, I would want to see you competing with world up there. Let’s start thinking and analyzing what makes Barba Boy fill up the stadium, fill up venues in the USA, why is Davido performing in London and looking like Mike Jackson in those days,” says Banda.

Banda says the habit cannot make them break it through and join their friends in Tanzania who are fully booked worldwide.

Malawians have indeed witnessed musicians fighting each other for fame, leaving their followers fighting too and Banda’s remarks are on point.

One very good example is that of Onesmus who one time came on open air telling his fellow artists to release their songs before him realising what he called a hit song the whole country.

In the similar case, Namadingo and Eli Njuchi have in fihgt over their two recent released songs ‘ sugar’ and ‘ GUGGU” as Namadingo dissed Njuchi to have his song ‘ GuGuGu ‘ being a hit song for only one day whereas ‘ Sugar’ still hit forever.

Lucius Banda, a well known music icon in Malawi, was born on 17 August 1970 in Sosola Village in Group Village headman Kapalamula and Traditional Authority Nsamala in Balaka District of Southern Malawi.

His music legacy dates way back in 1983 when he was thirteen years old when he started singing with his brother Paul Banda and leader of Alleluya Band.

He first appeared on stage in 1985 with his brother’s led Alleluya Band.

Lucius Banda started his music career while in elementary school (Primary) at Mponda Full Primary School which lies near the catholic parish in Balaka.

To further his music career Lucius Banda decided to go to music school in South Africa.

This dream was fulfilled in 1993 when he joined Dorkey house in Johannesburg, where he spent one full year studying music.

He recorded his first album titled ‘Son of a Poor Man’ at shandel music studio with the help of producer George Arigone (an Argentinian) on backing vocals.

He had Nomhlanlha nkhize and the now famous gospel singer Debora Freser.

His album became popular because of hits like Mabala, Get up stand up, Linda and Life On Earth. From there he launched his long career of music which takes him to date.

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