This article is dedicated with loving concern, to Phillip Yakubu, a child and brave survivor of a horrendous attack by armed Fulani. From the short video on the website of the respected Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), PSJ Nigeria that tells his story little Phillip looks about seven years old at the time. He had been asleep at home on the fateful evening when armed Fulani having invaded his village in the Middle Belt, broke into his home and macheted him across the head and face, and deformed his fingers. He is now left with severe injuries to his right eye, a mangled left hand, and difficulty walking. Phillip’s mother tells us that her little boy is now traumatised, and extremely frightened of the Fulani.  

Little Phillip is not the only one frightened of the Fulani. The must read 312-page Report titled, “Nigeria’s Silent Slaughter: Genocide In Nigeria And The Implications For The International Community” by PSJ and ICON (another NGO) in June 2020 reveals why Nigerians and the whole world should be frightened of the Fulani, in the same way that the global community had been frightened of the Nazis. Their Report paints a terrifying picture of the Fulani’s genocide agenda against indigenous peoples.

The PSJ-ICON Report released just over a year ago, contains information from many authenticated sources, all in one publication. At the time it was, “Genocide is loading”. Now we can say that the genocide has actually loaded and is full on. Revelations by victims and witnesses are most alarming, and quite distressing. Those carrying out the genocide against indigenous peoples are named: it is the Fulani, and Boko Haram terrorists. The reason is also stated: it is a genocide with Islamic jihad, mainly against Christians but moderate Moslems are also targeted, and it is for land grab by the Fulani, an immigrant and settler people. They are driven by an ethno-religious belief of not only racial superiority, but that the territory of Nigeria has been given to them as prophesied by their 19th century patriarch Usman Dan Fodio, and it became a renewed agenda for them at Nigeria’s Independence in 1960 when Bello the Premier of the Northern Region vowed that Nigeria would be an “estate” of his Fulani people, in his now infamous speech.

Witnesses and survivors report that Fulani armed with AK47s, chanting war songs, “The owners of the land has come and the settlers of the land should leave”, attack villages in the dead of night, or in the evenings, slaughtering and maiming adults, children and infants in a sadistic orgy of bloodletting. They often subject their victims to gruesome torture, and horrendous sexual violence. The Report explains that Fulani (herdsmen) slaughter in order to “purify” and occupy the land, while their Boko Haram counterparts also want to increase their numbers by abducting females and forcing them to produce their children (ie for procreation).

This genocide is being carried out under the eyes of the Buhari-Osinbajo government. During the last general elections in 2019 the duo insisted on retaining power, secured via a questionable Elections Tribunal result, to bring about what they called “the next level”. The PSJ-ICON Report, plus other observers and commentators implicate the current administration, and provide evidence that the genocide has, “The complicity of the Nigerian state in the ongoing Islamic jihadist enterprise”. Buhari is a Fulani Moslem and despite public outcry, has created a Fulani-majority government. Osinbajo is a Yoruba, and both a Professor of Law and Christian Pastor, but he has been openly criticised by his people, for the positions he has chosen to take. In 2019, having denied any genocide, Osinbajo was described by a USA official as, “He lies shamelessly — including this weekend in New York — about the anti-Christian persecution his government is at least tolerating and, at worst, enabling…”

The Report also made it quite clear that the genocide started twenty years ago. That fact is important to retain because that was the time that the so-called “1999 Constitution” of suspect origins was imposed upon Nigerians. The document is a forgery, not made or agreed by Nigerians as it claims, but which enables the Fulani agenda of making Nigeria their “estate”. It impoverishes, as well as renders Nigerians unarmed and defenceless in the face of the advancing killer Fulani and terrorists.

Despite obstacles placed in their way, the process to rescue themselves from that 1999 Constitution by Decommissioning it, was launched by indigenous peoples under the umbrella of the NINAS Movement, via the ORDERLY PROCESS of Constitutional Force Majeure Proclaimed on 16th December 2020. This Strategy involves halting preparations to general elections in 2023 to prevent renewal of the life of that illegitimate “1999 Constitution” that had already been Repudiated by indigenous peoples of the NINAS Territory. Perplexingly, it seems that the UK’s Catriona Laing, High Commissioner to Nigeria may be (inadvertently?) trying to assist the Fulani’s genocide agenda and Islamist terrorism by hindering the NINAS Movement. She was reported to have made some recent comments that the 2023 general elections must go ahead. It was highly unfortunate that Ms Laing said that at a time when Nigeria is a DISPUTED PROJECT, seeking to free itself from the deadly bondage of an illegitimate 1999 Constitution, by way of the non-violent means of suspending those 2023 elections. The genocide and Islamist terrorism in Nigeria has such serious consequences not only for Africa, but also for the UK and Europe, and indeed the world, that it is hoped Britain that has a unique relationship with Nigeria, would consider providing a more experienced diplomat for a critical time such as this.

Given the genocide and Islamist terrorism, this is a period that seems quite likely to bring about Nigeria’s dissolution, and perhaps it should be called Nigeria’s “Silent Slaughter Era” (that started in 1999/2000). With all that we now know, this Era, now under Buhari-Osinbajo, has unleashed an unimaginable depth of cruelty and savagery upon indigenous peoples. For very good reasons, little Phillip Yakubu savaged and mutilated by Fulani, leaving him permanently disabled, wants them gone from his ancestral land. With the hard-hearted denials, and continued push to slaughter and grab others’ land, there is naturally, a rising call that Fulani should be made to return to their own ancestral land. What little Phillip and thousands like him have experienced, is that through the illegitimate 1999 Constitution, the Fulani-led government has created an unfriendly and threatening world.

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Ndidi Uwechue is a British citizen with Igbo heritage from the Lower Niger Bloc. She is a retired Metropolitan (London) Police Officer, she is a signatory to the Constitutional Force Majeure, and she writes from Abuja.

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