President Mutharika and his trusted bodyguard Norman Chisale

By Nenenji Mlangeni

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-Three faces have emerged that reflect the actual political situation in the President Peter Mutharika’s Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and the ongoing bad blood between Mutharika’s trusted bodyguard Norman Chisale and Mike Chitenje also known as Bangwe 1 is just a tip of the iceberg.

To begin with the original plan of having the same semi-illiterate Everton Chimulilenji is still being pursued by the first lady
Gertrude Maseko and Chisale.

This is what has precipitated the bad blood with Bangwe 1 who is a proxy of Kondwani Nankhumwa, Foreign Minister and all this drama reached boiling point when the date of April 24 2020 nomination day was around the corner.

It was the Southern Region and Lomwe groups desire to see Chimulilenji out of the picture as the party was hand picking a running mate for President Peter Mutharika.

Other than this group there is another school of thought which is still looking at the UTM leader Dr Saulos Chilima as a choice for the torch bearer with either Nankhumwa or Bright Msaka as running mate.

The idea behind this is for the Lomwes to maintain their political hegemony in the party.

They understand that Nankhumwa and Msaka are all Lomwes. Msakas father comes from Chiradzulu while his mother came from Liwonde and has in the last six years been working hard to rekindle his tribal links in Chiradzulu.

The other group is of the view that the party comes out with an open system and the best candidate emerges and it is this group that is even ready to embrace Atupele Bakili Muluzi as a running mate. The best that can happen according to insiders is to have the Chilima camp and Chimulilenji group merge into one.

This approach is premised on a compromise that will babysit the
ego of the first lady and Chisale with the Ngoni notion as a dangling carrot. That is why the Bangwe 1 approach has been seen to use the
youth element in the party, similar to the one Chilima used.

It should be taken into context that Chilima used Louis Ngalande then DPP national youth director to canvass for his support. The approach also used cat call methods to malign those perceived to have injured his pride.

In the meantime, it should be taken into account that a pressure group
shall soon emerge on the political scene that will champion the political wishes of Nankhumwa.

In addition, this political movement will operate under the same lines as the Timothy Mtambo newly launched Citizen Movement.

Within two weeks or before May 5, 2020 there will be a second break away movement in DPP. Already a team is on the ground fighting for the dislodging of one Chisale.

This movement is being backed by the whole Southern Region committee excluding Joseph Mwanamveka, Finance Minister who harbors serious presidential ambitions but his poor state of health and public relations are his main stumbling block.

As for the DPP Secretary General Hon Jefrey, she is still playing hide and seek that is why when a disciplinary committee met this week she was unwilling to suspend Bangwe 1. Her position was cemented by Charles Mhango and George Chaponda who made it clear that Bangwe 1 operated within his civil liberties.

Bangwe 1 was given the chance to be heard and he said that Chisale is not a civil servant but a politician and produced a picture whereby Chisale is wearing a DPP hat and scarf.

He also told the committee that Chisale has been giving food handouts and clothes to street children thereby making him a politician.

Furthermore, he asked the committee if a bodyguard can be involved in running mate matters and also in directing party matters.

He also questioned the manner he went to pick Chimulilenji on the day nomination papers were being presented and he went on to say that a bodyguard does not collect money from Indians and Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) as Chisale is doing.

In the meantime, Chisale has also started fighting the new NIS boss Kenam Kalirani saying that he is giving unfounded and weird information to the president on the Covid-19 and the running mate issue. This matter is now being handled by the first lady who is geared to remove Kalirani.

On Friday, this week, Aaron Chimbanga the one who loves money and can do anything to get money was attacked by thugs led by Ntopwa 1 in full view of police constables in Chitawira and all this was stage managed by Chisale.

Things have fallen apart in DPP and day in day out party is a story for
very little good and everything bad. It never rains but pours for DPP.

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