“So we bind all forces of evil, of hate, fear of division and injustice; and we loose the peace of God. We release prosperity, love and justice in this land in Jesus name,” prays Pastor RUGA. 

“Pray for forgiveness of sins,” continues Pastor RUGA. “Oh God, heal this land, deliver this land from terrorism and insurgency, from the hand of the wicked, prosper this land, save your people o God. Fulfill your promises of peace and prosperity.”

Political problems and questions are not for God. If Pastor RUGA indeed is a Christian, and more importantly an ordained pastor of RCCG, he should be honest and sincere enough to uphold the biblical righteousness in a hostile culture. God is not the author of sin or confusion. Pastor RUGA forgets that possession of power does not amount to a stamp of approval from God.

Faith and religion are not replacements or solutions for political socioeconomic reforms. Prayer isn’t a substitute for inclusive, responsive, justice, and equitable policy making. That’s the point Pastor RUGA is missing. Pastor RUGA as VP of a godless tyrannical government of Buhari, The Butcher of Aso Rock, is part of the “forces of evil, of hate, fear of division, and injustice” because through their deliberate policies and actions, they foster hatred, division, and injustice. They perpetrate wickedness, suffering, torture, and other unspeakable evils.

Fulanis are being treated as untouchables. They kill Yorubas at will. They turned Yorubas to refugees in the neighboring Republic of Benin. The Fulanis destroyed livelihoods of Yorubas. The same terrorism is unleashed on other non-Fulani people all over Nigeria. Chief Sunday Igboho is being hunted by Pastor RUGA and Buhari for saving his people from Fulani terrorism while Gumi and other Fulani terrorists were armed by Pastor RUGA/Buhari administration. It is hypocritical and unpardonable sin for Pastor RUGA to pray against the very vices he’s part of. The prayer of Pastor RUGA for a godless country and godless government is not only reprehensible but an abomination before God.

How can Pastor RUGA “release prosperity, love, and justice” when Buhari/Pastor RUGA government didn’t create any job for almost seven years? How can he release “love and justice” when nepotism, ethnic cleansing, double standard, corruption, absence of rule of law are the hallmarks of their administration? How can he release peace without justice? How will God save his people from insurgency when Buhari/Pastor RUGA government is a terrorist government run by terrorists? 

Put more bluntly, problems of governance cannot be solved through prayers. Will God fix the roads, supply electricity, water, build schools, hospitals, pay pensions, salaries, guarantee safety of life and property? Will God put in place true democracy, federalism, provide public housing, transportation, healthcare, and solve other historically endemic problems? Was Singapore transformed from third world to first world by means of prayer? Was Dubai turned to world tourist center by prayers? Was Israel transformed from desert to paradise by prayers? Was God responsible for appointing only Fulanis as heads of all federal government agencies? Did God write the fraudulent 1999 Constitution? I can go on and on and on. 

The forces we must bind are the evil forces of a godless government of Buhari/Pastor RUGA and the satanic members of the evil regime. It is therefore an insult to God for Pastor RUGA to beg God to solve the problems they were elected to solve. These are not spiritual problems. They are manufactured problems by the administration of Buhari/Pastor RUGA. So, Pastor RUGA leave God out of the foolishness!

Source saharareporters

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