By Saunders Jumah

In our previous dictums the Utopian and Maenga questioned the two major parties in our country as to what picture they are portraying if they talk of rebranding as for MCP and patriotism with integrity as for DPP if their past still haunt them?

In the dictum MCP was advised to change some of the symbols and slogans that tarnish their image. Mr. Lazarus Chakwera and MCP were asked to consider removing the picture of the founding president whose image/picture has two faces, the good and the bad.

MCP new leadership and Lazarus Chakwera took the advice and considered, today the cloth/slogan of the oldest party has been changed, the face of the founding president has been removed paving way for all those that perceive MCP as a party of the deadly past to believe the party has rebranded and is living in a plural dispensation.

Hands up MCP! You are likely to receive more supporters in all the regions of the country because of your listening ears and considerate heart.

Your decision has not come easily, it was tough and almost impossible to take that initiative because in the process you have hurted and angered some of your supporters who see Kamuzu Banda with one face, the good.

In the interest of nation building and inclusivity particularly looking at reasons why citizens have not given you the mandate to be in the government you took a broad decision by giving an ear to the advises that at times came as criticism, this is what Malawians need to have listening leaders. Maenga pat you for being present in the new environment.

In our past dictums when we were criticizing MCP and Lazarus Chakwera we took a note on you to look at the evils of the past and correct them. As per your sworn declaration of “hardwork, patriotism and integrity” we faulted you for remaining a party that has not changed because corruption and state looting, violence and killing are still the older of the day in your party.

The Utopian and Maenga advised without any cost that it was imperative that you deal with the issues of corruption and state looting by apprehending all involved. Maenga gave out names of Richard Makondi who happens to be your organizing secretary, Mohammed Kossam who happens to be your sympathizer or perhaps sponsor.

We also asked for the completion of the inquest of the killing of a student of polytechnic Robert Chasowa, the compensation and justice over the killers of the July 20 massacre of 2011.

While we were waiting for this new cases of corruption and state looting got expozed, your second in command in the party George Chaponda got involved in maize gate that you reluctantly acted promptly.

The high court in Mzuzu gave an order the first time in our history but you defied the court order and delegated the minister to Germany without abiding to the institution that swears you to the presidency. You have not come into the open to apologize to the statuettes of our republic.

Corruption has increased and multiplied in the government with billions in loss. By failing to prosecute those involved in cash gate of 2013, hiding the 13 files of cash gate involving MK577 billion, and failed to stop the loot till now despite the outcry of the international community and citizens of the country, you are portraying to be a government and a political party that does not listen to the cries, wishes and aspirations of the people.

For this Maenga put its hands down on you because you are not living the present to the impetus hope for the future.

Worse still the party that many thought could be “dead deaf” is MCP because of its history but MCP looks keen for total overhaul changes and revamp, clear of its rebranding slogan.

You in DPP are deaf and arrogant from listening to the plight of citizens. You become angry, arrogant, pompous and go on rampage to kill and arrest anyone who try to give advice against your ills.

For this Maenga put its hands down on you. However since we are almost 10 months to elections it is not too late. You can stop corruption and weed those destroying your party’s name by practising corruption, state looting and shielding of thieves.

For us to pat your shoulders we still call on you to do the following, stop looking at those who are advising you as enemies, stop using character assassination strategy against your opponents and rather start cleaning your house.

Stop corruption, apprehend all involved, bring justice on yourselves and accept wrong doing. Promise change, talk change, walk change and distance yourselves from state thieves. In this way you will attract large following.

As of now you are not doing enough.

Stop branding those of us giving you sincere advice as being bought by MCP and Lazarus Chakwera, stop painting us being puppets of Joyce Banda and Lazarus Chakwera.

We are neutral group backing and defending the future of the nation, to us Malawi is our interest. Noone will buy, use or send us. We are patriots and fighters for the best of Malawi.

If MAENGA is a puppet we are puppets of the citizens of Malawi and the nation of Malawi because it is where our allegiance holds.

Saunders Jumah the Utopian
Commandant fighting corruption and state looting.

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