A lot of movies have been released since 2015, covering a range of topics that touch on everything from online casinos to talking robots. It really is the case that movies have never been as diverse and interesting as they are now. Even though there have been a lot of very famous and popular movies released there have still been some that have flown under the radar, either with the critics or at the box office. We have looked at some of the most underrated movies that have been released since 2015 to put together a list of movies that you ought to see.


No, it is not a movie about the British Queen. This is a crime thriller from Germany. It went pretty much under the radar, even though it has an English language dub available. It is about a girl from Spain who moves to Berlin and then while enjoying her time there she becomes involved in a series of criminal activities that slowly become more serious. The movie was largely ignored at the box office, taking less than $7 million, but it was one of the most gripping movies of 2015 and deserved much more of a fanfare. Victoria is a movie that you should not sleep on, check it out today.

Mississippi Grind

This is a movie that should have done so much better than it did. It features a great story, great acting and some fantastic casino scenes. The soundtrack is also excellent, providing an authentic backdrop for the story that plays out. Ryan Reynolds is incredible as the gambler Curtis and provides the movie with his trademark charm. For some reason it failed miserably at the box office, but this does not mean that you should ignore it. Check out this hidden gem of a casino movie that really deserves to be put in the same class as other world class casino movies that came before it.

Kubo And The Two Strings

This animated movie offers plenty of action and enjoyment for viewers. While it did okay at the box office it did not quite get the acclaim that it deserved, especially when compared to how other animated movies are often received. The movie has some incredible scenes that are animated using computer generated images, but they still somehow manage to maintain a stop motion feel. It looks great, has an enjoyable story and will entertain kids and adults alike.

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

This movie is a parody spoof from Andy Samberg. He is most well-known for The Lonely Island, Saturday Night Live and Brooklyn Nine Nine. In style true to himself it is full of silly, but outright hilarious moments. Viewers will instantly be hooked by the characters and the gags come thick and fast throughout the movie. If you like Andy Samberg then you will love this movie. It got good reviews when it was released but for some reason it was unable to make a profit at the box office. This is a criminally ignored movie that should be watched by a lot more people. Fix that today by checking it out.

Dark Night

No, this is not a Batman movie, although it does have a slight link to the final entry in the Nolan trilogy. This is a grim and brutal movie that shows a chilling insight into the human condition. It is not for the easily upset and if you have a delicate constitution then this is a movie that you should avoid. However, it is incredibly powerful and a reminder of how easily life can change in an instant.

Kill Me Please

This movie takes the uncomfortable but thoughtful horror of a movie such as It Follows to a whole new level. The theme on show here is undoubtedly the end of the world, but it is manifested through the treatment and subsequent internal issues that show through someone. It is very clever and will make you think as well as scaring you stiff. If you enjoy horror movies with a touch of deep thought then Kill Me Please is the movie for you.

Fighting With My Family

This is a movie from WWE studios, which has churned out a lot of terrible movies over the years. This is different though; it has the heart and soul to make it an enjoyable movie the whole way through. Based on the early career of the WWE wrestler Paige, it is fun and enjoyable and even features a highly enjoyable cameo from Dwayne Johnson, once known as The Rock!

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