US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says the first meeting between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un should take place at a “nice, neutral site.”

According to, Tillerson is suggesting China would not be an ideal place.

Tillerson says it should be held somewhere that “both parties will feel confident.” But he says that doesn’t mean China won’t have a role in the broader process. Tillerson says China “is going to have a stake in how this all this all turns out.” He says Russia, South Korea and Japan will as well.

Tillerson says the first meeting will be about Trump and Kim “getting a sense of one another” and determining whether there is the space and will to accomplish something together on the North’s nuclear weapons program.

Tillerson says the United States has “not heard anything directly back from North Korea” since President Donald Trump accepted leader Kim Jong Un’s invitation for a meeting. But he says the US does expect to hear directly from Pyongyang.

Tillerson says many steps must occur before the meeting between Trump and Kim. He says that it’s in the “very early stages.”

Tillerson says nothing has been agreed about the location for the meeting. He says it’s “very important that those conservations are held quietly” between North Korea and the US.

He says it’s time now to “remain patient and see what happens.”

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