BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-Tale of Shattered Dreams: perhaps that’s the best way to describe Malawi now amid the dark cloud ensuing the chanting after Tonse Alliance’s victory in the June 23 Fresh Presidential Election.

Malawians had their hopes high when Tonse Alliance led by Malawi Congress Party’s (MCP) Dr. Lazarus Chakwera showered them with eye-catching promises of a better Malawi during the campaign trail.

It’s almost like Malawians were lured into their own destruction when suddenly the “Hope of a better Malawi” has become a system of self enrichment and public resource draining mechanism. Just one and half year down the line, Malawians seem to be slowly catching up with reality. surprised? Maybe we shouldn’t!

Far-fetched pledges! With the unquestionable euphoria on the faces of majority of Malawians after Tonse Alliance’s victory, nobody predicted that Malawians would play a victim over promises that Tonse Alliance made during campaign period.

The promise of 1 million jobs, monthly allowance to older people, free water and electricity connection, reduce passport and fertilizer prices, mega farms in all districts, Bullet train from Mzuzu to Blantyre, Juice making factories across the country and Duty free week. We all remember them! .

To say we all believed the flowery promises were attainable, perhaps we thought words meant action. Pure politics! Like always, politicians will either deny their own promises or projecting them to another after electing them into power.

Malawians must perhaps embrace the new actuality where waking up simply means facing the new and bigger affliction.

Desperate measures in desperate times we said! Well time to reap the despairing outcomes of believing nine political parties with different aspirations could lead us out of our misery.

In fact, it is evident that Malawians are now living in complementary systematic poverty, corruption, tribalism and economic downturn. Do you still think Tonse Alliance can deliver it’s promises?

Well maybe. Let’s start with the promise to eradicate nepotism. When Chakwera appointment his first cabinet, he was heavily criticized for appointing people merely based on appeasement and some labeled it a family cabinet. He later responded with a commitment to review the cabinet, but well that will be done I guess, on the eve of another polling day. Until then, it’s time to face the new reality and hope for another time to speak on the paper.

The Kwacha depreciating against other major currencies, cooking oil selling at prices unattainable for the reach of the ordinary folks, adjusted the prices of diesel and petrol and the sky rocketing prices of goods is what we call the new normal. After all there is COVID-19 and the economic crisis is global. Remember these promises were made before the pandemic. Were they? We were only blind not to question the obvious unattainable promises I guess.

Call it what you may! But maybe its time to accept that the forest might have changed but the monkeys are still the same.

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