Matola (Energy Minister), Chakwera and motorists spending nights for fuel

My fellow Malawians, you do not need to be a great economics expert to understand the economic mess we are in. Not even econometric theories are necessary to unearth the Reverend Lazarus Chakwera”s Tonse Alliance government’s premeditated mismanagement and plunder of our government purse.

Government’s over-expenditure is a diabolical and selfish practice that has depleted our forex reserves apart from our meagre export stamina.

I reiterate without any iota of shame or fear that only the voter must shoulder the blame for voting thieves, liars, and incompetent leaders into power. These corrupt and scrupulous leaders are only fulfilling their agenda of defrauding government coffers.

As liars, thieves and hypocrites, they will continue to fool Malawians that they are following economic austerity measures to cut down expenditure while they deliberately over spend on numerous local and foreign trips with bloated number of delegates withdrawing huge increased travelling and subsistence allowances.

For starters, economics is simply the discipline of allocating limited resources to unlimited wants and needs. Simple. Everyone is an economist by this definition. I hereby certify you so because we always have limited resources which we allocate to our unlimited desires on a daily basis.

In a nutshell, the genesis of the economic crisis in Malawi is that Chakwera’s administration has dismally failed to allocate our forex and revenue to our priority national areas. It failed to monitor their expenditure against revenue. Any government that spends more than its revenue will definitely run into an economic crisis. Simple.

  1. Political monster of Agricultural input subsidy programme (AIP)

Chakwera government is using AIP as a means to defraud government purse. In fact, the programme is not sustainable as it depletes more forex reserves. There is a big deficit between what government spends on AIP and what it collects from the proceeds of the same. The resultant effect is that expenditure on AIP is more than its revenue. As a proclaimed certified economist, you understand that this is a recipe for economic deficit.

The Tonse Alliance government increased the number of AIP beneficiaries, granted contracts to incompetent suppliers, delivered poor or substandard agricultural input items and botched some laid down procurement procedures. But did the produce from AIP fetch enough forex after the sales? Nay. AIP only depleted our forex more and the government is still adamant to sustain the same AIP without any modifications this year.

  1. Tonse Alliance’s cancellation of DPP’s clinched IMF credit facility

As a certified economist, you will need to increase your revenue while controlling your expenditure. It was silly for Tonse Alliance administration to cancel the IMF credit facility because it was clinched by its nemesis, the former ruling party. In their daydreaming ineptitude, they thought it would be easy to negotiate a better package with the same IMF with which they had cancelled the previous credit facility. That was myopic. In fact, I laughed my lungs out when this Government failed to clinch the anticipated IMF deal. Join me in the euphoria of laughter. Hahaha!!

Even if the DPP regime had cooked figures to get the credit facility, the Tonse Alliance administration was supposed to be the last whistleblower to report such an anomaly to IMF. Because, to the international community and IMF, it is the same Malawi Government whether it was led by DPP or by Tonse Alliance administration. Unfortunately, it is Malawians who are feeling the pinch because of Tonse Alliance administration’s myopic thinking and maladministration.

  1. Tonse Alliance’s mapwevupwevu syndrome

The Tonse Alliance thinks it can fool all Malawians all the time. They duped innocent Malawians on their campaign promises. Unfortunately, they are still propagating the same lies now. They lied that they have put in place socio-economic recovery plan. But the economy is even worse now. They duped Malawians that they will cut down their expenditure. To the contrary, Chakwera is always travelling burning forex reserves. No economic austerity measures are being followed.

It is unfortunate that Malawians will continue to suffer from the effects of Chakwera’s economic maladministration.

This Government doesn’t care whoever feels the pinch as long as Chakwera and his sycophants are enjoying the delicacies of power.

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