Chilima promised cheap fertilizer

Dr. Saulos Chilima cannot run away from being held accountable for the economic mess the country is in.

The office of the Vice President is currently discharging its normal duties vis a vis to be delegated by the State President and to fill the vacancy in the event that the president relinquishes power.

It is therefore an insult and disrespectful to insinuate that a delegated office like that of the vice president is so incapacitated that it can’t be held accountable for any maladministration.

Therefore, the following reasons outline how Dr. Saulos Chilima is personally held accountable for Tonse Alliance’s maladministration.

  1. Vice President Chilima is part of Cabinet and the Executive arm of Government

By virtue of being the Vice President, Dr. Saulos Chilima is part of the Cabinet and the Executive arm of Government.

It is a well known fact that the Cabinet and the Executive arm of Government formulate government policies.

If poor monetary and fiscal policies of Tonse Alliance administration have plunged this country into this economic mess, Chilima as a member of cabinet must also take full responsibility. During cabinet meetings, Dr. Saulos Chilima also has an opportunity to air out his own views as well.

  1. Vice President Chilima personally campaigned for Tonse Alliance

Dr. Saulos Chilima criss-crossed the whole country selling Tonse Alliance to the electorate. He used to say “We Tonse Alliance, we will do X and Y…”, “A Chakwera ndi ine …”. Audios and videos are there as evidence. If he promised Malawians that they will deliver, why should Chilima exclude himself now just because they have failed to fulfill their promises?

  1. Vice President Chilima is still being delegated by the State President

Even though the State President Chakwera announced that he had stopped delegating duties to Chilima because of his alleged involvement in Sattar deals, recently we have seen Chilima performing duties on behalf of the president.

To those people who are armatures in office management, when you finish your delegated duty, you are required to produce a report back to the one who delegated you. This is another opportunity where Dr. Saulos Chilima can air out his views, experiences and recommendations. If he has none, then he is comfortable with the bad policies which have plunged this country into economic abyss.

  1. Vice President Chilima is President of UTM which is part of Tonse Alliance

Apart from cabinet meetings, leaders of the nine parties that form Tonse Alliance convene an indaba meeting where issues of national interest are discussed. As the President of UTM, a party that is part of the Tonse Alliance, Dr. Saulos Chilima attends these meetings. This is another opportunity for Chilima to usher in his input to the Tonse Alliance administration.

  1. Vice President Chilima was once Minister of Economic Planning and Development

If the economy of this country is nose diving, then the vice President Chilima must shoulder the blame because he was once the Minister of Economic Planning and Development.

As the name of the ministry suggests, Chilima’s ministry was responsible for planning and developing economic policies that were in tandem with the vision and campaign promises of Tonse Alliance government.

Furthermore, Vice President Chilima was tasked to formulate the Socio-economic Recovery Plan to mitigate the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As of now, Malawians are wondering if the Tonse Alliance government was serious with Socio-economic Recovery Plan because our economy is now dwindling astronomically.

  1. Vice President Chilima and President Chakwera conspired to conceal their alliance pact

President Chakwera and Vice President Chilima thought that they were clever by not disclosing the contents of their alliance agreement. And yet they expected people to vote for them. Why did they take Malawians for granted like that?

If their Tonse Alliance has failed to deliver campaign promises, why shouldn’t Chilima take full responsibility for such a dismal failure? He sold us a rotten egg. Malonda a mphaka ndithu.

  1. Vice President Chilima is a beneficiary of nepotism

Is Chilima so innocent that he cannot be blamed for the non-performance of Tonse Alliance Government? Nay, both President Chakwera and Vice President Chilima are direct beneficiaries of nepotism which is rampant in this regime. Chilima’s mother-in-law is working at the Malawi embassy in Zambia while Chakwera’s daughter, Veronica is enjoying the delicacies of power at the embassy in the United Kingdom. Needless to say that President Chakwera also employed his own son-in-law at the State House as Executive Director of Communications. Why shouldn’t perpetrators of nepotism like Saulos Chilima be blamed for the very same nepotism they are enjoying?

  1. Vice President Chilima was mentioned in National Crime Agency (NCA) UK

If Dr. Saulos Chilima is innocent and he should not be blamed for corruption and economic mess we are experiencing now, why didn’t he clear his name with NCA?

When President Chakwera stopped delegating duties to Chilima on the allegations that he was involved in corrupt deals, did he refute the allegations? Nay!! Instead, Chilima applied “Tu quoque fallacy or you too fallacy” as a tactic to plead guilty.

In his defence, Chilima accused Chakwera of hiding behind presidential immunity and therefore he advocated for the removal of presidential immunity so that a sitting president can be prosecuted of any crime.

If you find two people accusing each other of theft, and one person defends himself by saying , “You too must be investigated “, just know that both are thieves. Thumba la tambe amamasula ndi tambe yemwe meaning send a thief to catch a thief. The implication is that both Chakwera and Chilima are partakers of corruption.

  1. UTM supporters blocked ACB from interrogating Chilima

Why did the Vice President allow UTM supporters to block ACB from interrogating him? Why didn’t Chilima reprimand his supporters from tampering with ACB investigations the same way Atupele Muluzi addressed UDF supporters before he was interviewed by ACB. What is Chilima hiding?

  1. Unexplained procurement of UTM vehicles

If Vice President Chilima cannot explain where his UTM party got the funding for the fleet of vehicles, what can stop us from concluding that Chilima is a chief partaker of corruption?

It is therefore reasonable to conclude that Dr Saulos Chilima is partly to blame for the Tonse Alliance poor performance as he forms part of the cabinet, he personally sold us empty promises, he is a direct beneficiary of nepotism and he is allegedly involved in corrupt deals.

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