Malawi witch taking a flight at night
Malawi witch taking a flight at night

KARONGA ( Maravi Post)—Senior traditional leaders in Malawi’s border district of Karonga have contradicted with the country’s laws on witchcraft.

Malawi laws say that there is no witchcraft and it is an offence to accuse someone of witchcraft. However, Chiefs in the district have asked government to rethink the position on existence of witchcraft in the country.

According to Traditional Authority Kilipula and Mwiland’ombe, this law of ignoring the

existence of witchcraft was not meant for Malawians but European countries.

“As a custodian of culture, we believe in the existence of witchcraft and to say the truth it is indeed there,” said Kilipula.

“If there’s no witchcraft, why do people (thieves) in the district start crying like a goat after stealing somebody’s goats,” queried Kilipula.

They said “what we want is that government as well as organizations should find specific measures of dealing with the malpractice, especially when one is being accused of witchcraft.”

The chiefs also disclosed that the decision of ignoring the existence of witchcraft fuels mob

justice in the area especially because the residents believe that the law enforcers will release the accused.

According to them “the issue of ignoring witchcraft came in order to bring peace in the country

but in reality, it has failed and there’s need to change.”

Witchcraft is the main cause of violence in Karonga district and it has made many people to lose their lives and homes.


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